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Boston College Law Review

submission guidelines

The Boston College Law Review ( publishes 5 issues annually. It is the oldest scholarly publication at Boston College Law School. BCLR publishes a wide range of articles concerning diverse legal issues of national interest.

Submission Methods

The Boston College Law Review accepts both electronic and hard copy submissions. However, we strongly prefer electronic submissions via the ExpressO online submission service, which may be accessed via the following link:


Even if you choose to submit an article in hard copy, we encourage you to send a supplementary electronic copy by ExpressO or e-mail (, as this will help us review your article more quickly. If you submit the same article both electronically and in hard copy, please indicate this in your cover letter and your e-mail.


Hard copies and other non-electronic correspondence should be addressed to:


Boston College Law School

Attn: Boston College Law Review

885 Centre Street

Newton, MA 02459-1163

Further Guidelines

Please submit the following items along with your article:

  1. Cover letter that references the article’s title, briefly describes the article, and contains the author’s name, affiliation, and full contact information (including phone number and e-mail address); and
  2. Resume, bio, or brief curriculum vitae.

For electronic submissions, we prefer Microsoft Word format, but will also accept documents in WordPerfect or Adobe Acrobat formats. For other formats, please inquire before submitting.


We do not publish articles by law students currently enrolled at other schools. We reserve space for student-authored works in our volumes for our own students’ work.

Expedited Review

If your article has received a formal offer of publication from another journal, we will make every effort to comply with a request for expedited review.


Again, we prefer that you use ExpressO’s expedited review function for such requests. You may, however, request expedited review by e-mailing with the phrase “expedited review” in the subject line.


Regardless of the method you use to request expedited review, we require all of the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information;
  2. The title of your article;
  3. The source of the competing offer(s); and
  4. Your deadline.

More Questions About Submitting to the BCLR?

John Gordon runs the academic journals program at the law school. General review information or questions regarding article submissions, permission to reprint, subscription information, and purchasing back issues may be directed to John at the following: phone (617) 552-8557; fax (617) 552-4098; or e-mail