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2012-2013 Visiting Speakers

Conferences and Special Lectures

Conference: Filling Power Vacuums in the New Global Order (10/12/2012)

    · Keynote: Anne Marie Slaughter, Princeton University (10/12/2012)

Conference: Law Schools and the Education of Democratic Citizens (4/2/2013)

    · Keynote: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, U.S. Supreme Court

Conference: Role of State Attorneys General (6/13/2013)

    · Keynote: Governor Michael Dukakis

Conference: The 2012 Elections in Historical and Comparative Perspective (10/19/2012) (Clough Center)

Symposium: Jean Jacques Rousseau’s 300th Anniversary (11/29/2012) (Clough Center)

Liberty Mutual Prize Lecture: Kenneth Abraham, University of Virginia (2/26/2013)

Bob Berry Memorial Lecture: Michael McCann, University of New Hampshire (4/9/2013)


Faculty Colloquium Speakers

Jeremy Waldron, Oxford University / New York University (9/21/2012) 

Khiara Bridges, Boston University (1/18/2013)

Jill Fraley, Washington & Lee University (2/22/2013)

Cathleen Kaveny, University of Notre Dame (2/25/2013)

Kathy Zeiler, Georgetown University (3/15/2013)

Robert Jackson, Columbia University (4/11/2013)

David Barron, Harvard University (4/12/2013)

Mike Hoeflich, University of Kansas (4/19/2013)

Jim Rossi, Florida State University (4/26/2013)


Clough Center Speakers

Annette Gordon Reed, Harvard University (9/12/2012)

Jeremy Waldron, New York University (9/20/2012)

Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. (10/2/2012)

David Garland, New York University (10/3/2012)

Seana Shiffrin, UCLA (10/16/2012)

Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University (10/29/2012)

Joseph Weiler, New York University (11/15/2012)

Robert George, Princeton University (1/28/2013)

Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University (2/12/2013)

Frederick Schauer, University of Virginia (2/21/2013)

Amartya Sen, Harvard University (2/28/2013)

Zygmunt Bauman, University of Leeds (3/20/2013)

Robert Kaplan, Author (4/8/2013)

Hon. James Bacchus, Greenberg Traurig (4/16/2013)

Nicola Lacey, Oxford University (4/17/2013)

Hilary Putnam, Harvard University (4/30/2013)


Legal History Roundtable

Emily Kadens, University of Texas (10/11/2012)

John Baker, Cambridge University (11/1/2012)  

Anne Fleming, Harvard University (1/10/2013)

Michael Hoeflich, University of Kansas (4/18/2013)


Tax Policy Workshop

Tracy Kaye, Seton Hall University (10/2/2012)

George Yin, University of Virginia (11/27/2012)

Chris Sanchirico, University of Pennsylvania (1/23/13)

Joshua Blank, New York University (2/27/13)

Susan Morse, San Diego (3/27/13)