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International Legal Studies Colloquium


February 19, 2009      

Florence Bellivier, Professor of Law, University of Paris X (Nanterre).  "French Regulation of Biobanks:  Holes and Hopes."  Charles Baron, Law Professor, Boston College Law School, offered commentary.

January 29, 2009       
Robert John Araujo, S.J., Professor of Ethics and International Relations, Pontifical Gregorian University.  "Treaty Making in the UN System:  The ICC as a Case Study."

November 20, 2008
Miguel Schor, Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School. "Judicial Review and American Constitutional Exceptionalism."

November 4, 2008
Hengameh Saberi, SJD Candidate, Harvard Law School.  "The New Haven Soliloquy: Pragmatism and International Lawyer as the Policy Scientist of Democracy."