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Faculty Activities and Appearances


Faculty News – June 20, 2014


Mark Brodin’s article The Fraudulent  Case Against Affirmative Action-- The Untold Story Behind Fisher v. University of Texas, was published in 62Buffalo Law Review 1 (2014); The Slow Demise of Race Preference will be forthcoming in NYU Review of Law & Social Change; and Screening Out Unwanted Calls: The Manipulation of Standing “Doctrine” will be forthcoming in Nevada Law Journal. He is also working on the Ninth Edition of hisHandbook of Massachusetts Evidence.

Mike Cassidy’s article, (A)dministering Justice:  A Prosecutors Ethical Duty to Support Sentencing Reform, was published in 45 Loy. U. Chi. L J. 981 (2014).

Mary Ann Chirba authored the semi-annual regulatory update for the ACA treatise Health Care Reform: Law & Practice (Lexis-Matthew Bender 2013).

Brian Galle published Tax, Command...Or Nudge? Evaluating the New Regulation, 92 Tex. L. Rev. 837 (2014) and accepted offer of publication from the Boston University Law Review for Nonprofit Executive Pay as an Agency Problem: Evidence from U.S. Colleges and Universities.

Renee Jones’s article, Unfit For Duty:  The Officer and Director Bar as a Remedy for Fraud, 82 University of Cincinnati Law Review (2013) was published on June 16, 2014.

Dan Kanstroom authored “Doesn’t Love a Wall: U.S. Deportation and Detention” in Lois Lorentzen, ed. Hidden Lives and Human Rights in the United States: Understanding the Controversies and Tragedies of Undocumented Immigration, ABC/CLIO (2014) (with BC law student, Marija S. Ozolins); “Immigration Law: Current Challenges, and the Elusive Search for Legal Integrity,” in Immigration Law, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE 2014).

Laura Murray-Tjan’s article, “Conditional Admission” and Other Mysteries: Setting the Record Straight on the “Admission” Status of Refugees and Asylees, was recently published in 17 N.Y.U.  J. Legis. & Pub. Pol’y 37 (2014).

Zyg Plater’s article, A Glimpse into the Realpolitik of Federal Land Planning in a Comparative Context with the Mysterious NLUPA and CZMA, was published in the Summer issue of the George Washington University J. Envt’l Energy Law.

David Wirth’s article, The International and Domestic Law of Climate Change:  Could the United States Be Party to a Binding International Agreement Without the Senate or Congress, will be published in 39 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev.  __ (2015).


Speeches and Presentations

Mary Sarah Bilder presented at the University of Chicago Law School Constitutional Law Workshop (May 2014); Stanford Law School, Constitutional Law and History Conference: The History of the Uses of History in Constitutional Law, Mr. Jefferson (March 2014); the University of Hawaii Law School Faculty Workshop (March 2014); and Colonial Society of Massachusetts, The Future of the American Revolution (June 2014)

Mark Brodin presented “The Slow Demise of Race Preference” at the NYU Symposium On Affirmative Action (Apr. 4, 2014); “Screening Out Unwanted Calls: The Manipulation of Standing ‘Doctrine’” at the  Symposium “Through a Glass Starkly: Civil Procedure Reassessed,” Northeastern University School of Law (Apr. 11-12, 2014).

Mike Cassidy presented “Grand Jury Gag Orders:  Are there any Ties that BInd?” at the Stein Center for Legal Ethics, Fordham Law School (June 9, 2014).

Mary Ann Chirba presented on the Hobby Lobby case before the U.S. Supreme Court and the constitutionality of the ACA's contraceptive mandate, at the NYU Symposium on the Affordable Care Act.

Kent Greenfield delivered a paper, “Corporate Citizenship as a Four-Letter Word,” at Developments in Corporate Governance: East Meets West, University of Sydney Law School (June 5-6, 2014); Panelist, “In the Balance: Law and Politics on the Roberts Court,” The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, Boston College (April 22, 2014); Guest Lecturer/Discussant in Law and Religion Seminar at University of Indiana at Indianapolis Law School (via Skype), (Mar. 14, 2014).

Kari Hong served as a panelist at Harvard Law School on the topic of “Out of the Box: Unconventional Public Interest Careers” (April 15, 2014).

Dan Kanstroom hosted and organized an international conference at BC on a draft Convention on the Rights of Forcibly Deported Persons (May 2-5) (with Jessica Chicco and Prof. M. Brinton Lykes). He also presented at the Boston Bar Association CLE on post deportation law on March 10 (with Jessica Chicco).

Dan Lyons made an ex parte presentation on net neutrality to the General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission.

Zyg Plater presented on several occasions relating to his recent book: The Snail Darter and the Dam: How Pork-Barrel Politics Endangered a Little Fish and Killed a River  (Yale 2013). The presentations include: American Society for Environmental History, Panel: “The Endangered Species Act at 40 and the Snail Darter Case” (San Francisco, Mar. 14-15); Mass Audubon Society, Lecture: “The Endangered Species Act at 40 and the Snail Darter Case” (Mar. 19); Charles River Watershed Council Annual Dinner Lecture: “Citizen Action: Saving Rivers, Saving Ecosystems, Saving Democracy” (Mar. 26); TEDx Lecture: “Things I Learned From a Very Small Fish” (Mar. 29);  Widener University, Lecture: “The Endangered Species Act at 40 and the Snail Darter Case” (Apr. 8); NEPSA: New England Political Science Assoc.: Lecture & Panel: “The Remarkable Journeys of a Very Small Fish through the Corridors of American Power” (Woodstock, VT , Apr. 25-26); Rio de Janeiro University and Government Ministry Seminars:  “The Organizational and Environmental Reverberations of Oil Production Megasystems” (May 15-17).

Vincent Rougeau was invited to present, “Solidarity and Meaningful Membership in Diverse Communities” at Villanova University as part of a year-long series on “Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Justice” (April 1, 2014).

Fran Sherman presented at the Roundtable, “High Risk Girls in High Risk Settings: What Have We Learned, What's Next,” at the Society of Prevention Research 22nd Annual Meeting in Washington DC (May 30, 2014). She was also an Organizer and Presenter, “Current Challenges in Detention Reform for Girls,” Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Inter-Site Conference in Philadelphia, PA (June 2-4, 2014). She was a discussant for “Juvenile Justice Girls: Precursors, Outcomes, and Treatment

Needs” at the Society of Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting in Austin Texas (March 22, 2014).

Paul Tremblay was an invited commentator on a work-in-progress on community lawyering at a session at the AALS Clinical Conference in Chicago, IL (Apr. 30, 2014). He was on a panel entitled “Ethics in Advertising” at PLI’s “Hot Topics in Advertising Law 2014,” in New York, NY (June 2, 2014). On June 26, 2014, he will moderate two panels at the Fifth Annual Deans’ Meeting, “Experiential Learning in the Global Legal Environment,” Boston College Law School. And on June 27, 2014, he will appear on a panel entitled “The Ethics of Discovery” at the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) Annual Convention, Boston, MA.

David Wirth will be organizing a panel tentatively entitled “Trade Agreements, the WTO, and Domestic Regulation: How Tight is the International Straitjacket?” at the Administrative Law Conference, ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, Washington, DC (Oct. 16, 2014). He also presented “Private Voluntary Standards and New U.S. Food Safety Legislation;  The Food Safety Modernization Act and Imported Food,” at the Working Group on International Trade and Investment, European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy (May 20, 2014).

Fred Yen presented on a panel about Reform of Copyright at the Next Great Copyright Act Conference at UC Berkeley Law School (Apr. 3-4, 2014).


Other News and Events

Filippa Anzalone’s article, Servant Leadership: A New Model for Law Library Leaders, Law Library Journal 99 (2007): 793-812, was recently assigned to a cohort of mentors and mentees as part of the national Leadership Program sponsored by the American Association of Law Libraries.

Richard Albert was invited to co-chair a session at the World Congress of Comparative Law in Oslo in June.

Mary Sarah Bilder and Sharon Hamby O’Connor announce that their website, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Colonies: An Annotated Digital Catalogue (Ames Foundation on-line publication, June 2014), has officially gone live. As a result of their efforts, and with help from Harvard Law Professor Charles Donohue, the important appellate cases that helped to define constitutional law before the creation of the U.S. Supreme Court are available online, at This project was the subject of blog posts at Faculty Lounge, Legal History Blog, and linked to by UK Privy Council. In addition, Mary has continued to serve on the Advisory Committee on Massachusetts Judicial Nominations (appointed by Senator Elizabeth Warren; 2013-2014).

Mark Brodin served on the Provost's Advisory Council.

Mike Cassidy was elected a Fellow of the American Law Institute. He was also quoted in Boston Magazine, “Life Sentences for Juvenile Murderers” (May 2014).

Mary Ann Chirba was invited by NYU Law School to teach a Spring 2014 course on “Federal Health Care Reform: The Affordable Care Act.” She was also appointed to the Regulatory Committee of the International Society for Cellular Therapy.

Brian Galle launched the Law & Economics Prof Blog, at             

Kent Greenfield  served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Sydney Law School, New South Wales, Australia in June 2014, co-teaching a graduate-level course Corporate Innovation and Abuse with Professor Frank Partnoy. He also participated in “Conversations at BC Law,” a series of interviews with public servants with connections to BC Law and participated in the first conversation with Representative Bobby Scott (D-Va) (Apr. 15, 2014). He was a Featured Speaker on CSR Podcast, hosted by David Yosifon, discussing the religious rights of corporations (available on iTunes and at He also presented “A Prediction on Hobby Lobby,” at the Dean’s Advisory Board (Apr. 11, 2014). He also appeared on “Greater Boston with Emily Rooney,” WGBH Television (Mar. 24, 2014). He posted “Blood Chocolate” in the ACS Blog:; and “Hobby Lobby and the Return of the ‘Negro Travelers’ Green Book’” in The American Prospect:  

Kari Hong appeared on New England Cable Network on Friday, May 30, commenting on the immigration consequences that Khairullozhon Matanov (the friend of bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tasarnav) might face in light of his indictment for one count of obstructing justice and three counts of making false statements. She was also quoted in the Harvard Crimson on April 8, discussing legal issues arising from the indictment for the Harvard Student who called in the false bomb threat in December 2013.

Renee Jones was promoted to Full Professor in March of 2014. Her blog post, “Unfit for Duty: The Officer and Director Bar as a Remedy for Fraud,” appeared in the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog on Corporations and the Capital Markets:  She also introduced the Black History Month Lecture by Professor David Wilkins, Black Law Students Association (Feb. 21, 2014).

Dan Kanstroom recently authored “Predicting the Complex Future of Retroactivity in Massachusetts: Commonwealth v. Sylvain,” for the Boston Bar Journal, Case Focus (Jan. 2014), available at .  He also completed the year term as Interim Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice.

Sanford Katz presented the Robert F. Drinan Award to Sister Mary Scullion, Cofounder of Project Home in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia BCLS Alumni Reception on May 14, in Philadelphia.

Joseph Liu spent a week at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China in May 2014, teaching a U.S. Copyright Law class to Chinese law students.

Dan Lyons’s op-ed, “Cable Merger is Bigger than Cable,” recently appeared in The Baltimore Sun on June 10, 2014. He was also interviewed on the subject of Net Neutrality on WNTN Radio. Dan was quoted in “Over the Landline,” World Magazine, and “FCC Vote Approving Net Neutrality Rulemaking Not Guaranteed,” Communications Daily (Apr. 29, 2014). Dan also spoke about the U.S. Supreme Court’s Aereo case on “Financial Exchange,” WRKO and “Real News,” TheBlaze TV. He was also a guest on the This Week in Law Podcast, (discussing net neutrality); a panelist for a SCA-TV discussion on net neutrality; and served on the panel, “A New Communications Act,” at the Free State Foundation Annual Telecom Conference. He also served as a panelist on “A New Communications Act,” Free State Foundation Sixth Annual Telecom Conference, Washington, DC; and “Net Neutrality,” Somerville Community Access Television. He also wrote “Peering into the Comcast-Netflix Deal,” Free State Foundation Perspectives vol. 9, no. 11. He was also quoted in “Net Neutrality Advocates Target Mobile TV,” Toronto Globe & Mail (June 15, 2014).

Laura Murray-Tjan wrote “Immigration Law: Raise Your Hand if You Understand It,” Huffington Post (Apr. 14, 2014); and “Citizenship Games,”Huffington Post (May 15, 2014). She was also a guest on Michel Martin’s “Tell Me More,” NPR (May 9, 2014).

Zyg Plater appeared on the Emily Rooney Show on WGBH, providing commentary on Pres. Obama's Proposed Climate Rule CAA §111(d).

Fran Sherman was appointed Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Special Populations Sub-Committee, beginning 2014. She served as a consultant for the Alameda County Department of Probation:  Conducted Assessment of Probation and Juvenile Justice System and Services for girls (March-May, 2014). She was a guest on the Hartford NPR program “Where We Live.” discussing plans to open a secure girls facility in Connecticut (February 24, 2014).

Paul Tremblay was invited to become a member of the Steering Committee of the Delivery of Legal Services Section of the BBA.


Faculty News – March 14, 2014
Bob Bloom’s article, The Fourth Amendment Fetches Fido: New Approaches to Dog Sniffs was published in 48 Wake Forest Law Review 1271 (2013).
Mark Brodin’s article, The Fraudulent Case Against Affirmative Action—The Untold Story Behind Fisher v. University of Texas, will be published in the Buffalo Law Review in April. He also completed the 2014 Annual Supplement to Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence (with Michael Avery).
George Brown’s article on Punishing Terrorists was accepted for publication by the Cornell Journal on Law & Public Policy.
Mary-Ann Chirba and Alice Noble’s two-volume treatise on the ACA and its regulations, Federal Health Care Reform: Law And Practice, was published by Matthew Bender/LexisNexis in Dec. 2013 (co-authored with Michael Maddigan). Mary-Ann and Alice have also completed the first regulatory update of the treatise.
Dan Coquillette, and his co-author Bruce Kimball, Professor of Education and former Dean at Ohio State, are very pleased to announce that the Harvard University Press has accepted their book manuscript, On the Battlefield of Merit, being the first volume of the Bicentennial History of Harvard Law School. Based on that manuscript, the Harvard University Press has also committed to publish the second volume, The Intellectual Sword.
Brian Galle’s article The Effect of National Revenues on Sub-national Revenues: Evidence from the U.S., was published in 37 Int'l Rev. L. & Econ. 147 (2014)
Kent Greenfield entered into a contract with Yale University Press to publish a book titled Hostile Takeover: How Corporations Are Seizing Control of the Constitution. The book is due at the end of 2014, with publication expected in the spring of 2016. He also authored Corporate Citizenship: Goal or Fear?, forthcoming in the U. St. Thomas L. J. (invited); The Third Way: Beyond Shareholder or Board Primacy, forthcoming in Seattle U. L. Rev. (invited); and “The End of Contractarianism? Behavioral Economics and Law of Corporations,” in the Handbook on Behavioral Economics and the Law, Eyal Zamir & Doron Teichman, eds. (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).
Dan Kanstroom’s book, Constructing Immigrant “Illegality:” Critiques, Experiences, and Responses (co-written and co-edited with sociologist Cecilia Menjivar) was published by Cambridge University Press in Dec. 2013.
Sanford Katz authored “Adoption in the United States and England” (with John Eekelaar) to be included in the book, Family Law and Policy to be published by Routledge Publishing Co. in England. He contributed a chapter, “The Family Law World of Michael Freeman,” in A Festschrift for  Michael Freeman, to be published in England this Spring. Michael Freeman was a Professor of Family Law at University College, London for many years and one of Britain's leading family law scholars. Sanford also submitted the manuscript for the Second Edition of Family Law in America to be published by Oxford University Press this Summer.

Lis Keller’s article on the history of securities law, published in the Ohio State Law Journal, A Historical Introduction to the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, will be reprinted as a chapter in the upcoming textbook, Contemporary Business Law by Dr. Timothy L. Fort, the Eveleigh Professor of Business Ethics at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

Tom Kohler authored Comparative Law in a Time of Globalization:  Some Reflections in the Symposium:  Comparative Law in a Time of Globalization, 52 Duquesne L. Rev. 101 (2014) (invited). He also authored The Christian Vision of Konrad Adenauer, First Things (forthcoming, Summer 2014) (discussion of the roots of the German “social market” economy in Catholic social thought and Protestant social ethics traditions) (invited).
Dan Lyons recently authored Peering Into the Comcast-Netflix Deal, for Free State Perspectives Vol. 9 No. 11, and Restoring Limits on the FCC’s Ancillary Authority, Free State Perspectives Vol. 8, No. 34 (2013).
Ray Madoff authored Inheritances and Death: Legal strategies in the United States, England and France (with Pierre-Alain Conil), in The Routledge Handbook of Family Law and Policy (John Eekelaar & Robert George, eds.).
Mary-Rose Papandrea wrote Traitors, Spies, or Whistleblowers, for the Boston College Law School Magazine (Fall/Winter 2013), based on her article on the same topic coming out in the Boston University Law Review this spring.
Vlad Perju recently authored two articles, Cosmopolitanism in Constitutional Law, 35 Cardozo Law Review 711 (2013) and International Constitutionalism and the State: Reply to Aoife O'Donoghue, International Journal of Constitutional Law (I-CON) vol.11- 4 (2013): 1046-1051.
Zyg Plater’s article, Human-Centered Environmental Values Versus Nature-Centric Environmental Values: Is This the Question? was recently published in the Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law (Apr. 2014).
Jim Repetti authored Revitalizing the Estate Tax:  Five Easy Pieces (with Paul Caron), published in Tax Notes (Mar. 17, 2014), as well as Introduction to US International Taxation (with Paul McDaniel and Diane Ring).
Diane Ring’s book review, Resolving Transfer Pricing Disputes: A Global Analysis, was published in 73 Tax Notes Int’l, 713 (Feb. 24, 2014). She also authored Introduction to US International Taxation (with Paul McDaniel and James Repetti) (6th edition Kluwer Law International 2014) and “Taxation of Permanent Establishments: United States,” in Taxation of Permanent Establishments (IBFD Spring 2014 update).
Catharine Wells authored Microaggressions in the Context of an Academic Community, which was recently published in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice.
Fred Yen recently accepted an offer to publish his article, The Constructive Role of Confusion in Trademark, in a forthcoming issue of the North Carolina Law Review.
Speeches and Presentations
Richard Albert hosted a full-day symposium, “Comparative Constitutional Change: New Perspectives on Formal and Informal Amendment,” at the AALS Annual Conference in January. Richard’s conference was selected as the inaugural AALS Academic Symposium.
Tom Barnico presented “Brandeis, Choate, and the New Haven Railroad Merger Battle,” at Choate, Hall & Stewart, on Dec. 4, 2013.
Mary Sarah Bilder was the invited commentator for Joseph Rezek, “The London Book Trade and the Making of Irish, Scottish, and American Literature,” Boston University Center for the Study of Europe, Nov. 12. At the invitation of Prof. Michael McConnell, Mary also spoke in March at a conference at Stanford Law School on the Role of History in Constitutional Law with copanelists Lawrence Friedman (Stanford), Suzanne Sherry (Vanderbilt), and Ted White (UVa). In February, she spoke on another panel at the Massachusetts Historical Society with copanelists Bruce Mann (Harvard) and Kent Newmyer (UConn).  Last week, she spoke at the University of Hawaii Law School and saw former Boston College Law School Dean Avi Soifer.
Bob Bloom presented at an NSA Panel Discussion at Boston College Law School on Feb, 17, 2014. He also presented “U.S as a Torturer” on Mar. 4, 2014 and “Future of Legal Education” on Mar. 5, 2014, both at Nanterre University, Paris.
Joan Blum’s proposal for a presentation, “Reading Cases Globally – Why Case Analysis Belongs in the 21st Century Law School Curriculum Worldwide,” based on the course she taught last spring as a Fulbright Specialist in Sarajevo (Intro to U.S. Advisory Law Practice) and on her judicial training programs in Bosnia, was accepted for an international conference on legal education being held at Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi in Istanbul in early May. While recently in Bosnia, Joan was invited to lecture on written and oral advocacy to a group of 30+ law students at Sarajevo University Law School.  
Mark Brodin presented his paper The Fraudulent Case Against Affirmative Action—The Untold Story Behind Fisher v. University of Texas, at a faculty roundtable at IDC Herzliya in Israel on Dec. 17, 2013. He also presented “The Death Penalty in Massachusetts: Past, Present, and Future” on Jan. 9, 2014 at the Social Law Library, Adams Courthouse, at an event sponsored by the Supreme Judicial Court Historical Society.
Mary-Ann Chirba presented “Evolving Global Regulation of Adult Stem Cell Therapies and Technologies” at the International Federation of Adipose Therapeutic Sciences in in Nov. 2013, and “New Regulatory Models Ensuring Safety and Accelerating Treatments” at the World Stem Cell Summit in Dec. 2013. She also presented “In Search of Regulatory Consistency: The Role of IVF Regulations in Improving FDA Oversight of Autologous Stem Cell Therapies” at the 2014 annual conference of the International Stem Cell Society (STEMSO), Bahamas, Feb. 2014.
Dan Coquillette was asked to address the Harvard Law School community on Feb. 18, 2014 on “The Early History of Black Graduates of the Harvard Law School” to celebrate black history month.
Kent Greenfield gave a number of presentations: at the Cornell University Department of Anthropology, on Oct. 8, 2013; “Block that Metaphor: Corporate Personhood Before and After Citizens United,” at Cornell University (sponsored by the New York Humanities Corridor), Oct. 7, 2013; “A New Matrix: Do the Interests of Shareholders, Employees, and Managers Conflict?,” a “key presentation” at the Inaugural International Corporate Governance and Law Forum, University of Muenster, Germany, Nov. 4-5, 2013; and “How to Make Citizens United Even Worse,” at the Cornell Law School ACS, Oct. 8, 2013.
Mary Holper was a co-presenter at the Boston Bar Association Training on the Nuts and Bolts of Asylum Law on Feb. 18, 2014. She also led a discussion on the use of police reports in immigration court at a meeting of the criminal and immigration subgroup of the Boston Immigration Coalition.

Tom Kohler presented “Quadregesimo Anno:  Holding the Center in a Dangerous Time,” at the Seminar in Catholic Social Thought, Harvard Law School (Oct. 2013); “Laborem Exercens:  Personhood and Work in a Globalized Economy,” at the Seminar in Catholic Social Thought, Harvard Law School (Nov. 2013); and “Steele v. Louisville & Nashville Ry. Co:  The Supreme Court, the NAACP, and the Foundations of the Duty of Fair Representation,” at the Harvard Trade Union Program, Law & Worklife Program, Harvard Law School (Jan. 2014). He has also been invited to deliver a paper to the Thirteenth German-American Colloquium (Wilbad-Kreuth, Germany, July 18-23, 2014).  The paper will be entitled,Structuring Subsidiarity, Grounding Solidarity and will be published in the series, Soziale Orientierung (Dunker & Humblot).
Ray Madoff presented “The Thing That Ate Philanthropy or The Rise of Donor Advised Funds, Why It is a Problem and What Can be Done About It,” at the Stanford University scholar workshop at the Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society (Feb. 21, 2014).            
Laura Murray-Tjan was a panelist at Harvard College's “Public Interested?” Conference in Jan. 2014 and served as a discussion leader for a career workshop at the same conference. She has also been invited by the Clinical Student Board at Yale Law School to give a talk about entering the profession as a clinical professor.
Mary-Rose Papandrea moderated and served as a panelist on a very lively panel at the Journal of National Security Law & Policy Symposium at Georgetown University Law Center, “Leakers, Whistleblowers & Traitors: An Evolving Paradigm,” on Feb. 25, 2014. She also presented “National Security Leakers and the Importance of Intent,” at the William & Mary Law Review Symposium on “The Contemporary First Amendment” (Williamsburg, VA) (Feb. 2014). She served as a panelist on “New York Times v. Sullivan: 50 Years Later,” ABA Forum on Communications Law Annual Conference (Miami, FL) (Feb. 2014). She also participated in the First Amendment Scholars Roundtable, Washington University Law School (St. Louis, MO) (Jan. 2014) (one of six invited participants). She also served as a panelist for “NSA Surveillance: Privacy vs. National Security,” Boston College Law School (Feb. 2014) (with Bob Bloom and George Brown; sponsored by the Boston College Law School Internet Law Society and American Constitution Society).
Zyg Plater presented “The Very American Story of a Little Fish in a Pork Barrel,” Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Washington D.C. Mar. 2014; “The Snail Darter & the Dam,” U.S. Library of Congress, Washington D.C. Mar. 2014; “Endangered Species Protection at 40: Tensions Between Concept & Context,” American Society of Environmental History, San Francisco, Mar. 2014; “Regulatory Takings Law in Broader Context,” University of Oregon, Mar., 2014; Keynote: “The Snail Darter Case,” 2013 Conference on Animal Law, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon, Nov. 2013; “The Peculiar Case of the Endangered Snail Darter,” Walter Krause Economics Lecture , Economics Department, Reed College and Audubon Society of Portland Oregon, Nov. 2013; Panels on Endangered Species, Environmental Curricula at the Public Interest Environmental Law conference, University of Oregon, Mar. 2014; and various public lectures on endangered species protections or constitutional property rights at the University of Virginia, University of Idaho, University of California-Hastings, University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, Brandeis University, Vermont Law School in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.
Jim Repetti presented “Revitalizing the Estate Tax” at the Pepperdine Law Review/Tax Analysts Symposium, "Tax Reform in a Time of Crisis" (Jan. 17, 2014).
Diane Ring was a panelist on a panel titled “Teaching Tax Ethics: Just Whose Responsibility Is It?” at the ABA Tax Section Mid-year Meeting (Phoenix, Jan. 24, 2014), and for a panel titled “Ethical Issues in International Tax Practice” at the IRS & George Washington University Law School Conference on Current Issues in International Tax (Washington, DC, Dec. 13, 2013). She also presented “Sovereign Harmony, Domestic Discord: Democracy and the Gap Between International Tax Cooperation and Domestic Politics,” at the McGill University Faculty of Law Tax Policy Colloquium, (Montreal, Canada, Nov. 25, 2013).
Catharine Wells presented “Theorizing Injustice,” the Keynote Speech at the Santa Clara Public Interest and Social Justice Conference, Apr. 9, 2014.
David Wirth presented on a panel entitled “Advice to the President,” at the Presidents Day Renaissance Weekend, Laguna Niguel, California, Feb. 15, 2014. At the same event, he also presented “Deep Dive:  Greenhouse Implications of Energy Policies of International Financial Institutions,” and “The Globalization of Environmental Politics.”
Fred Yen presented “The Constructive Role of Confusion in Trademark,” at Arizona State Law School, Tempe, AZ on Feb. 21, 2014.
Katharine Young participated in the Comparative Constitutional Law Roundtable, at George Washington University.
Other News and Events
Tom Barnico authored an op-ed, Gerrymanders and State [S]elections, at The Hill (Nov. 13, 2013).
Mary Sarah Bilder has continued her work for Senators Warren and Markey on the Advisory Committee for the Federal District Court in Massachusetts, chaired by the Hon. Nancy Gertner (Ret.).
Bob Bloom appeared on a number of media outlets regarding the Whitey Bulger sentencing in Nov. 2013: the Emily Rooney Show, Greater Boston, WGBH TV, and WBZ radio. He was also quoted in a number of news articles in the Boston Herald on the Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon Bombing) case.
Joan Blum in late January conducted two two-day training programs on case analysis for judges in Bosnia.  The program was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy (through OPDAT—the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Overseas Prosecutorial Development and Training) in conjunction with Bosnia’s High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC).
Mark Brodin spent December at the Interdisciplinary Institute, Herzliya, Israel, teaching a course in Comparative Evidence, and participating in faculty events. He is also preparing papers and presentations for two symposia in April: “Diversity in Education and the Future of Affirmative Action,” held at NYU on April 4; and a tribute symposium in honor of his friend and co-author Steve Subrin, to be held at Northeastern on April 11, covering current topics in Civil Procedure.
Mary-Ann Chirba and Alice Noble authored a blog post, on President Obama's “keep your plan” announcement in Nov. 2013. The piece was posted on Harvard Law School's Petrie-Flom Health Law & Policy blog as well as the HealthLawProf blog. Mary-Ann was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Cell Therapy Foundation. She was also invited by NYU Law School to teach “Federal Health Reform; the Affordable Care Act” in the Spring 2014 semester.
Dan Coquillette has been reappointed by Chief Justice Roberts as Reporter to the Standing Committee on Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States. In this capacity he chaired a panel at the Standing Committee's meeting on “The Political and Professional Context of Rulemaking.” Dan's new responsibilities now include the “Duke Package” of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, addressing the changes to civil discovery brought about by digital technology.
Kent Greenfield’s op-ed, Unfair Advantage Would Spur Abuse of Exempt Status:  Do Corporations Have Religious Liberty? appeared in the Boston Globe on Mar. 2, 2014. He also wrote Beware the Sleeper: Harris v Quinn, an essay for the ACSBlog (, Dec. 18, 2013. Kent also helped draft an amicus brief for a group of corporate law professors in the Supreme Court case Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius.
Dan Kanstroom authored an article in the Boston Bar Journal, Predicting the Complex Future of Retroactivity in Massachusetts: Commonwealth v. Sylvain, Jan. 7, 2014. He also gave the keynote lunch speech at Our Shared Table 2013, at the Thanksgiving Luncheon of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition.
Sanford Katz was the honored guest at the 50th Reunion Banquet of the Class of 1963 of the Columbus School of Law at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC on Sep. 28, 2013.

Lis Keller and Judy Tracy were named to the Board of Editorial Advisors of The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style, Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief (3rd ed.) (West 2013), and they revised the chapter on “Research Memos.”  This is a highly regarded standard manual for the legal profession for drafting legal documents, acclaimed by numerous bar association journals, including New York, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oregon and Arizona.
Dan Lyons was recently a guest on the radio program “Financial Exchange,” WRKO on Feb. 25, 2014. He was quoted in a news article, Public Regulatory Skepticism on Sprint/T-Mobile Pre-Deal Called Unusual, Communications Daily, Feb. 6, 2014 as well as in Net Neutrality Ruling: What are the FCC's Options? in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. He was also interviewed on the radio regarding the Comcast-Time Warner merger, WBZ Radio, Mar. 13, 2014, and on the “Net Neutrality Decision,” The Docket, KUCI 88.9 FM, Los Angeles. On Jan. 10, 2014, he authored a blog post, Rethink Possible When it Comes to Wireless Data Plans, US News Economic Intelligence Blog.

Tom Kohler was invited to join both the International Advisory Board and to become a Member of the Scientific Committee of the journal, IUSLabor, sponsored by the Law Faculty of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain). He was also invited to join the Editorial Policy Committee of the Labor Law Group. Tom was re-elected to the National Executive Board for The International Society for Labor Law and Social Security. Tom was also Interviewed by Das Handelsblatt, (Germany’s most important business and financial daily) concerning the significance of the United Autoworkers’ Union loss of the representation election at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee facility in February and the likelihood of success of the legal responses the UAW has undertaken to set aside the results of the election. As a Member of the Executive Committee on the Program in Catholic Social Thought of the Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago, Tom has organized a conference entitled Pacem in Terris After Fifty Years:  Lessons for the Middle East?, to be held on Friday, March 28, at the Harvard Law School. Tom has also been appointed to the Educational Affairs Committee and the Legal Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees of Saint John’s Seminary.
Ray Madoff whose recent New York Times op-ed raised the issue of investment funds that have become "warehouses of wealth," discussed the topic as a guest on NECN "Broadside" in Dec. 2013. Her op-ed, “How the Government Gives” was published in the New York Times on Dec. 6, 2013. She also wrote an op-ed, “5 Myths About Payout Rules for Donor Advised Funds” in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.
Laura Murray-Tjan’s article, Conditional Admission and Other Mysteries: Setting the Record Straight on the 'Admission' Status of Refugees and Asylees was picked as the immigration article of the day by the Immigration Prof Blog. In Nov. 2013, she introduced pro bono attorney training on seeking cancellation of removal at the Boston Immigration Court, in her capacity as co-chair of the Boston pro bono program. She has also been engaged as a consultant in a high-profile death penalty case.

Jim Repetti and Diane Ring’s article Horizontal Equity Revisited, 13 Florida Tax Review 135 (2012) was favorably reviewed and recommended in the Legal Theory Blog by Lawrence Solum at
Fred Yen was quoted in The New York Times and on Maine Public Radio about early recruiting of college athletes.
Katharine Young’s book Constituting Economic and Social Rights (Oxford 2012) was short-listed for 2014 Hart-SLSA Book Prize.