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2013 News Archive

faculty news and appearances

Greenfield ACS Blog: Beware the Sleeper: Harris v. Quinn

(From ACS blog)--Most cases on the Supreme Court’s docket in any given year are not the likes of Windsor, Shelby County, or Fisher. Those get the headlines, of course, and rightly so. But most of of the Court’s caseload is dedicated to answering various arcane questions in eddies of the U.S. Code.

Lyons on Restoring Limits on FCC's Ancillary Authority

(From Free State Foundation)--Verizon's pending appeal of the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality order presents one of the most significant legal questions in modern telecommunications policy: whether, and to what extent, the Commission can regulate Internet activity.

Galle in Chronicle of Higher Ed on University President Compensation

(From Chronicle of Higher Education)--When defending compensation of $1-million and more for college presidents, trustees and university officials often repeat a simple refrain: Attracting the best talent costs money.

Madoff on NECN to Discuss Donor Advised Funds

(NECN) - It's the time of year when many pull out their wallets and donate to charities - but there's a growing problem for traditional local charities of so-called donor advised funds.

Madoff Op-ed in NY Times: How the Government Gives

(From the New York Times) -- This is the season of giving, the time when Americans from all income levels make donations to support food pantries, health centers, art and educational institutions, and other organizations that are so important for our civic society.

Lyons Blogs for Tech Policy Daily on Defining Broadband Competition

(From Tech Policy Daily)--Newly appointed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wants everyone to know that he supports competition. At his confirmation hearing, he emphasized to the Senate that he is an “unabashed supporter of competition” and that free, competitive markets work better than regulated or uncompetitive ones. - See more at:

Madoff on Donor-Advised Funds in Boston Globe

(From the Boston Globe)--When Americans think about donating money to charity around the holidays, they tend to think of the organizations whose names have become practically synonymous with philanthropy: the United Way, the Salvation Army, Feed the Children.

Greenfield: Can Corporations Be Good Citizens?

(From Symposium Magazine)--If corporations were themselves more democratic, their participation in the nation's political debate would be of little concern, writes Law Professor Kent Greenfield, who says the cure is not to fear corporate citizenship but to embrace it.

Chirba, Noble Blog on Obama's Health Care Waiver Plan

President Obama’s past assurance to the American public that people could keep their plans if they so desired, and the inaccuracy of that statement has generated the current outcry for the President to do better on his past apologies and to “do something” about the looming individual mandate and the loss of plans people would prefer to keep.

Quinn on American Airlines-U.S. Airways Merger for US News, NPR

The Justice Department decision to settle the anti-trust lawsuit against American Airlines and U.S. Airways, leaving them free to combine and create the world's largest airline--is a win for consumers, according to Law School Associate Professor Brian Quinn.

Bloom Discusses Victim Testimony in Bulger Sentencing with USA Today, Greater Boston

BOSTON — When a jury in August found Boston Mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger guilty of 11 murders and 31 racketeering counts, the verdict left eight families hungering for more justice.

Cassidy Talks to Salt Lake Tribune on Internal Affairs Investigation

(From the Salt Lake Tribune)--Despite allegations to the contrary, West Valley City did not violate officers’ rights in releasing internal affairs statements linked to the investigation into its beleaguered Neighborhood Narcotics Unit, one law professor says.

Chirba, Noble in BC Chronicle: 'Don't Push Panic Button on ACA'

BC Chronicle--With the Affordable Care Act continuing to serve as a political lightning rod, two Boston College Law experts on the ACA say initial problems are to be expected, and that there are valid reasons why many are having their health insurance cancelled.

Noble on NECN Broadside to Discuss Affordable Care Act

(From NECN)--As President Obama defended the Affordable Care Act in Boston, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stood in the line of fire in Congress.

Albert's 'Truth about Constitutional Amendments' in WBUR's Cognoscenti

(From Cognoscenti)--The Constitution is in dire need of repair, but the kinds of changes needed are possible only with old-style constitutional amendment and that door is shut for now, writes Law School Assistant Professor Richard Albert for WBUR "Cognoscenti".

Quinn in NY Times on Confidential Arbitration in Delaware

(From the NY Times Deal Book)--A decision by a federal appeals court has ended Delaware’s experiment with confidential arbitration.

Lyons Blogs for Tech Policy Daily on Copyright-Based Censorship

(From Tech Policy Daily Blog)--The Digital Millennium Copyright Act remains a potent weapon with which to silence online critics. That’s the takeaway from the disappointing ruling last month in a closely watched Massachusetts case, Tuteur v. Crosley-Corcoran.

Quinn Talks to Reuters on Big Changes in Delaware's Courts

(Reuters) - Two of the most important courts for resolving U.S. business disputes, Delaware's Court of Chancery and its state Supreme Court, may be on the cusp of a dramatic turnover that could affect corporate cases for years to come.

Cassidy Paper on Sentencing Reform Highlighted by FAMM

(From the FAMM Website)--Professor R. Michael Cassidy of Boston College Law School has published a paper that is a call to action to the nation’s prosecutors, urging them to support sentencing reform because it is their ethical duty as “ministers of justice.” 

Lyons Blogs in Tech Policy Daily on Regulating VoIP Service

While federal policymakers are focused on the net neutrality battle, state policymakers are waging an unusual and relatively quiet battle over the future of voice service. An increasing number of Americans are swapping traditional landline telephone service for Internet-based VoIP service. - See more at:

Murray-Tjan Blogs on Deportation of US Citizens in Huffington Post

(From the Huffington Post)--I reveal no great secrets when I say that the United States has deported its own citizens numerous times. Many news outlets have covered the problem, including the New Yorker magazine in the April 29, 2013 article "The Deportation Machine."

Dean Rougeau Talks to NPR on Law School Reform

(From NPR)--President Obama, a Harvard Law grad and former law professor, has suggested that students can learn all they need to take the bar exam in two years. That would save them tens of thousands of dollars. But it would also cost law schools millions of dollars in tuition revenue.

Hon. Aharon Barak to Speak at 'Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments' on September 17

The Honorable Aharon Barak is the former President of the Supreme Court of Israel and a recipient of the Israel Prize, widely regarded as the State's highest honor.

Quinn Featured in WSJ Journal Article on Dell Buyout

(From the WSJ)--When law professor Brian Quinn was teaching about leveraged buyouts earlier this year, he thought he finally had a model transaction to show his students: Dell Inc.

Prof. Bilder to Present 'James Madison and Constitutional Compromise' on Sept. 10

Newton, MA--Professor Mary Sarah Bilder teaches in the areas of property, trusts and estates, and American legal and constitutional history at Boston College Law School.

Lyons Participates in AEI 'Net Neutrality' Web Video Conference

On September 9, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit will hear oral arguments challenging the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality regulations. In this Google Hangout, experts explain the case and its implications for the future of the Internet.

Greenfield Talks to CNN about 'Myth of Choice'

(CNN)--Are too many choices overwhelming our brains? Sheena Lyengar and Kent Greenfield explain the science of decision making.

Greenfield on NECN's Broadside on Obama and Syria

(NECN) - A week from now, we'll find out if Congress is war-weary and how that translates into the vote on authorizing military strikes against Syria.

Cassidy Quoted by Sydney Herald on Bulger Verdict

(From the Sydney Morning Herald)--James ‘‘Whitey’’ Bulger, the mobster who terrorised South Boston in the 1970s and ’80s while he led the notorious Winter Hill Gang, was convicted on Monday of a raft of racketeering charges, including participating in 11 murders.

Quinn Talks to Gawker About Sale of Boston Globe

Newton, MA - Professor Quinn explains to Gawker that the New York Times board was not under any legal duty to sell the Boston Globe to the highest bidder and that they were free to consider other factors before selling the Globe to Boston Red Sox owner John W. Henry.

Plater Talks to WBUR on New Book 'Snail Darter and the Dam'

Newton, MA - Professor Plater discusses his new book, The Snail Darter and The Dam, which tells the story of how Plater, along with his students, was able to use the Endangered Species Act to argue and win a case before the Supreme Court and halt the construction of a dam that would have destroyed the habitat of a tiny, three-inch fish.

Papandrea Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Manning Verdict

(From the Wall Street Journal) BC Law Professor Mary-Rose Papandrea talks about the wider ramifications of the verdicts handed down to Pfc. Bradley Manning who, although acquitted of the charge of aiding the enemy, still faces up to 136 years behind bars.

Olson Discusses Cameras in Federal Courtrooms with WBUR

BC Law Professor David Olson disscusses the legal issues surrounding news cameras being allowed in federal courtrooms during trials.

Cassidy Talks to Baltimore Sun on Entrapment Defense for Reverse Drug Stings

(From the Baltimore Sun)--The robbery would be simple, the five men were told: The crew would burst into a Baltimore hotel room and grab $400,000 worth of cocaine stashed there by an out-of-town supplier. They should bring guns, just in case.

Cassidy in Washington Post on Bulger Trial

(From the Washington Post)--As lawyers for James “Whitey” Bulger begin to defend him against a massive racketeering indictment charging him in 19 killings, one big question remains: Will he testify?

Quinn Quoted in NY Post, USA Today, WSJ Marketwatch on Dell Buyout

Newton, MA--BC Law Professor Brian Quinn was quoted on the recent Dell buyout developments in several articles from major news sources.

Cassidy Talks to Globe about Hernandez Grand Jury

(From the Boston Globe)--Prosecutors have begun making the case to a Suffolk County grand jury that former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez should be charged in the shooting death of two men on a South End street last July, according to two law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation.

Papandrea in AP on WikiLeaks Case

FORT MEADE, Md. — A military judge refused Thursday to dismiss a charge that Army Pfc. Bradley Manning aided the enemy by giving reams of classified information to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

Quinn Quoted in Reuters on Dell Buyout

NEW YORK/ROUND ROCK, Texas (Reuters) - Dell Inc on Thursday postponed a shareholder vote on CEO Michael Dell's $24.4 billion buyout offer, after he won 11th-hour backing from several large investors but still fell short of enough votes to seal the deal.

Beckman Talks to Herald on Charges Following Seven-Car Collision

Newton, MA -- Sharon Beckman talks to the Herald about what prosecutors must prove to convict a defendant of motor vehicle homicide.

Olson on Apple Anti-trust Ruling for WSJ

Newton, MA--Professor Olson discusses how the rising prices for e-books could be part of a nascent market's natural evolution rather than the by-product of a sinister scheme.

Bloom Discusses Bulger Trial with Herald

Newton MA--Bob Bloom talks to the Herald about the possibility of Bulger testifying at his own trial.

Cassidy Talks to WBZ and Herald on the Tsarnaev and DeSalvo Cases

Professor Michael Cassidy discussed the process of prosecuting Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in an interview with WBZ-Radio News, and the revival of the Boston Strangler case with the Boston Herald.

BC Law Professor Quinn Discusses Icahn's Dell Buyout Proposal on Bloomberg TV

BC Law Professor Brian Quinn, discusses the process and legal particulars of Carl Icahn's latest buyout proposal for Dell with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" along with the president of 13D Monitor, Kenneth Squire, and Bloomberg's Cristina Alesci. 

Cassidy on Bulger Trial in USA Today

(From USA Today)--James "Whitey" Bulger, in the fourth week of his trial for 19 murders and racketeering offenses, listened Tuesday as his onetime protégé, Kevin Weeks, resumed describing killings he said Bulger committed.

Murray-Tjan Blogs on Immigration Reform for Huffington Post

(From the Huffington Post)--As members of Congress struggle to reconcile their opposing views on immigration reform, rapid-firing amendments and counter-amendments across the aisle, we all should remember the successes and failures of our last immigration law overhaul in 1996.

Brodin Op Ed on Supreme Court Affirmative Action Decision in MLW

(From Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly)--There will be much speculation about why the U.S. Supreme Court chose to dodge the hot-button issue of affirmative action in its recent Fisher v. University of Texas decision and instead kick it back to the lower courts.

Cassidy talks to Chicago Tribune on Investigation of Former Police Lieutenant

From the Chicago Tribune--Eight months after Lake County authorities learned of allegations that one of their own officers had sex with an underage boy he met online, their investigation has been stymied amid questionable decisions, the Tribune has learned.

Greenfield in Herald on DOMA

From the Boston Herald--A Bay State gay marriage opponent says he remains confident today’s anticipated U.S. Supreme Court decisions will uphold federal and California laws that bar same-sex unions, but a national leader in the marriage equality movement says whatever the high court decides, the tide of public opinion will continue toward a broader definition of marriage. - See more at:

Lyons in Computerworld on Broadband Pricing

Computerworld - Internet providers have invested several hundred billion dollars in the past decade to build America's broadband networks, and analysts expect them to spend an additional $30 billion each year to keep up with growing bandwidth demand.

Quinn in Reuters on Google Settlement

(Reuters) - Google Inc has settled a shareholder class action lawsuit that clears the way for the company to issue a new class of nonvoting stock, giving the company a currency for acquisitions that would not dilute the founders' control.

Greenfield Op Ed: Why Justice Ginsburg Should Step Down

From the Boston Globe: JUSTICE RUTH Bader Ginsburg has been one of the most important jurists on the Supreme Court over the last 50 years. The second woman ever to serve on the court, Ginsburg has become during her 20-year tenure the strongest judicial advocate for women’s rights in the nation’s history.

Greenfield on NPR: Is NSA Verizon Request Legal?

(From NPR)--Here's what we know about a National Security Agency program that collects vast amounts of data on the electronic activity of Americans: While controversial, a leaked secret document authorizing the collection makes it clear that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has decided that the collection of metadata for every call made in and into the United States is legal under Section 215 of the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Quinn Talks to Reuters on Google Stock Plan Lawsuit

WILMINGTON, Del. (Reuters) - In the nine years since it went public, Google Inc has grown tenfold in value and is now worth $290 billion. So who would want to mess with success and challenge the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

Cassidy in WSJ on Bulger Trial (Subscription Required)

Newton, MA--Michael Cassidy talks to the Wall Street Journal about Bulger's lawyer's possible strategy.

Greenfield Talks to NPR about Phone Records and Individual Privacy

Newton, MA--from NPR breaking news--Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, President Obama described the work being done by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to unravel the plot as "hard stuff."

Cassidy Talks to Herald, NPR on Bulger Jury Selection and Witnesses

Newton, MA--Mike Cassidy discusses the upcoming Whitey Bulger mobster trial.

Bloom in Huffington Post on Bulger Trial

Newton, MA--Robert Bloom talks to the Huffington Post about the Whitey Bulger trial and his defense.

Brodin in Globe on Judge's Ruling and Delay in Police Promotions

From the Boston Globe: Boston officials are frustrated that a federal judge has not ruled on a case contesting the fairness of the police promotional exam, even though the case was heard more than two years ago.

Garcia's "Global Justice and International Economic Law" Featured on WorldTradeLaw

Newton, MA--Boston College law professor Frank Garcia has a new book called "Global Justice and International Economic Law."

Ring Talks to Lowell Sun about Marathon Victim Loring '13

Newton, MA--Diane Ring talks about her experience getting to know Brittany Loring '12, who was injured in the Marathon bombings.

Greenfield in Boston Magazine on Methuen Teen Arrested for Threatening Rap Lyrics

Newton, MA--An online petition calling for Cameron D’Ambrosio’s release has over 50,000 signatures.

Brown in Herald on Lerner and IRS Scandal

Newton, MA--An Internal Revenue Service official who headed the unit accused of targeting conservative groups for undue scrutiny took the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination in front of a congressional committee yesterday.

Quinn in Delaware Law Weekly on Confidential Arbitration Program

Newton, MA--Three judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit focused on several issues during oral arguments to revive the Delaware Court of Chancery's confidential arbitration program.

Madoff in Chronicle of Philanthropy on Donor-Advised Funds

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff discusses the rise in donor-advised funds and the problems associated with them.

Chirba, Noble Blog on ACA’s Tobacco Use Rating for HealthLawProf

Newton, MA--Mary Ann Chirba and Alice Noble's latest blog, this one on "The ACA’s Tobacco Use Rating: Implementation, Inconsistencies and Ironies."

Galle Talks to CBS on IRS Tea Party Targeting and Commissioner Resignation

Newton, MA--Professor Brian Galle speaks with CBS on the IRS Tea Party Targetting and the Commissioner Resignation.

Bloom Talks to WBUR on Civil Suits for Marathon Bombing Victims

Newton, MA--Robert Bloom discusses the possibility of civil lawsuits filed by Marathon bombing victims.

Brown Talks to Herald on Fed Charges in Probation Probe

Newton, MA--Professor George D. Brown talks to the Boston Herald about the John O'Brien case.

Chirba, Noble Blog for HealthLawProf on Medical Malpractice & Affordable Care Act

Newton, MA--Guest Bloggers Mary Ann Chirba and Alice A. Noble - Medical Malpractice, the Affordable Care Act and State Provider Shield Laws: More Myth than Necessity?

Madoff on WBUR's 'Here and Now' Discussing Tsanaev Burial

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff talks to 'Here and Now's Robin Young about the controversy over the burial location of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tsarnaev.

Madoff Talks to NY Times about Tsarnaev's Burial Location

Newton, MA (from the New York Times)--As the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, lay in a Worcester, Mass., funeral home for a fourth day, Gov. Deval Patrick said Monday that it was up to the family, not the state, to resolve where the burial would take place.

Bloom Talks to Channel 5 on Options for Bulger Defense

Newton, MA--Robert Bloom discusses the denial of the use of immunity defense in the Whitey Bulger case.

Sherman Talks to Youth Today about Child Sexual Exploitation Laws

Newton, MA--Francine Sherman talks to Youth Today about the discussion around child sexual exploitation laws.

Galle in Oregon Public Broadcasting on Health Care Battle

Newton, MA--Brian Galle talks to OPB about the Supreme Court's landmark health care ruling and the potential of lawsuits challenging the federal government's authority.

Greenfield in Business Week on Hershey and Child Labor Records

BUSINESS WEEK--Hershey Co. (HSY) should turn over child- labor records for cocoa farms in Ghana and the Ivory Coast as part of an investor suit and to help define U.S. corporations’ legal obligations abroad, two law professors told the judge in a lawsuit over the company’s practices.

Lyons in Free State Foundation on Future of voIP

Newton, MA--Daniel Lyons writes for the Free State Foundation on the future of voIP.

Lyons Blogs on Usage-Based Broadband Plans for Providence Journal

Newton, MA--Daniel Lyons blogs on why usage-based broadband plans may be good for consumers.

Greenfield American Prospect Op Ed on First Days of Gay Marriage Arguments

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield is in the courtroom and gives his impressions of the first days of Supreme Court arguments.

Barrozo Talks to Herald about Amanda Knox Case

Newton, MA--Paulo Barrozo discusses whether the Amanda Knox murder trial will stress relations between the US and Italy.

Greenfield on Radio Boston to Discuss Gay Marriage Case

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield discusses the DOMA case before the Supreme Court with WBUR's Radio Boston.

Lyons in 'The Hill' on Internet Pricing Policy

Newton, MA--Daniel Lyons blogs for the Congress website "The Hill on Internet pricing as the "next policy frontier."

Greenfield Blogs on 'Friends of the Court' Amici Curiae Briefs

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield blogs in the American Prospect on strange briefs submitted to the Supreme Court.

Sherman Quoted in LA Times on Health Needs of Girls in Juvenile Justice System

Newton, MA--Professor Sherman is quoted in the Los Angeles Times on The Girls Health Screen.

Bloom Talks to Reuters, Herald on Removal of Judge from Bulger Trial

Newton, MA--Professor Robert M. Bloom is quoted in the Boston Herald on the Bulger Trial.

Barnico Letter in MLW on Staged Reading of Richard II by Federal Judges and Lawyers

Newton, MA--The Barnico Letter appears in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly's March 7 edition.

Beckman Letter in Globe on Criminal Laws to Protect Cyclists

Newton, MA--Sharon Beckman makes the case that strict criminal laws meant to protect cyclists could backfire.

Brown Quoted in Herald on AG's Prosecution of Cahill

Newton, MA--George Brown talks to the Boston Herald about the continuing investigation of former state Treasurer Tim Cahill.

Greenfield Quoted in Globe Opinion Piece on Citizen's United

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield is quoted in the Boston Globe Opinion piece on the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case.

Cassidy in ABA Journal on DAs Declining to Defend Controversial Laws

Newton, MA--Mike Cassidy talks to the ABA Journal about the trend of district attorneys declining to defend state or federal laws.

Greenfield Blogs on Gun Control for American Prospect

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes for American Prospect on whether restrictions on the right to bear arms are constitutional.

Albert Blogs on "Other" 13th Amendment for Cognoscenti

Newton, MA--Richard Albert blogs on how the 13th Amendment we know now differs substantially from the one first proposed, which would have made slavery constitutional and permanent — and which Lincoln supported.

Lyons Quoted in Ars Technica on Broadband Performance

Newton, MA--Professor Daniel Lyons is quoted by Ars Technica in a story that compares US data speeds and offerings for Internet service with other countries.

Blum Addresses State Department Audience on Bosnian Judicial Training Programs

Newton, MA—BC Law Professor Joan Blum recently spoke at the U.S. State Department on her experience conducting judicial training programs on legal analysis and writing in Bosnia.

Dean Rougeau Op-ed on Future of Legal Education in US News

Newton, MA--Dean Vincent Rougeau takes on the future of legal education and offers some solutions in an op ed published in US News and World Report.

Beckman in Globe on Criminal Social Host Liability

Newton, MA--Sharon Beckman writes a letter to the Globe on the Miner case and the responsibilities of parents regarding underage drinking.

Brown Discusses Motel Caswell Case in Herald

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown discusses the possible need for accountability and transparency at the U.S. Attorney’s 
Office after the Caswell case.

Quinn Talks to Reuters Regarding Lawsuits Over Freeport Deals

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn is quoted in a Reuters article about Copper miner Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc's $9 billion deal to buy two energy exploration companies and the lawsuits that are arising from it.

Brown in Globe on Swartz Case and Power of US Attorneys

Newton, MA--in a letter to the editor, George Brown talks about the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz and the role of the US attorney in the case.

Repetti Co-authored Estate Tax Article Reviewed by Institute for Policy Studies

Newton, MA--James Repetti's article on Estate Tax, co-authored with Paul Caron, gets excellent marks from the Institute for Policy Studies.

Brodin Talks to Globe about Voter Identification Laws

Newton, MA--in a story about a judge who fought his entire career for justice for minorities in Boston, Mark Brodin talks about voter identification laws and the dangers of discrimination.

Chirba and Noble on Affordable Care Act for Health Affairs

Newton, MA--Mary Ann Chirba and Alice Noble blog about the implementation challenges of President Obama's health care act in Health Affairs.

Greenfield Talks to The Nation about Towns Attemping to Override State or Federal Law

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield discusses a recent movement among towns to challenge state and federal laws currently on the books.

Repetti Co-authored Paper on Estate Tax Highlighted by Legal Theory Blog and Times

Newton, MA--A paper authored by Jim Repetti (BC Law) and Paul Caron was recently highlighted by the Legal Theory Blog, which was then picked up by the New York Times.

Greenfield Talks to MassLive on Citizens United

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield discusses a Citizens United opponent's 'Free Speech for People,' that wants states to ban companies from political expenditures.

Madoff Op-ed in Washington Post on Tax Fairness

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff writes an op-ed for the Washington Post on taxes in light of the looming fiscal cliff.

Katz Quoted in Christian Science Monitor on Kerry Nomination

Newton, MA--Professor Sanford Katz talks to the Christian Science Monitor about the qualities that he feels will make John Kerry '76 a good Secretary of State.

Lyons Discusses Usage-based Pricing for Broadband at NCTA Conference

Newton, MA--Daniel Lyons appeared at a recent National Cable and Telecommunications Association in Washington, DC. to present research from his paper on broadband pricing.


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