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2011 News Archive

faculty news and appearances

Brown Talks to News Outlets on Mahenna Trial Verdict

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown talks to various news outlets about the Mahenna terror trial guilty verdict.

Albert, Greenfield, Papandrea in Globe on Occupy Boston

Newton, MA--Professors Mary Rose Papandrea, Richard Albert, and Kent Greenfield are all quoted in the Boston Globe about the city's potential choice to evict the protesters from a city park, and implications on free speech.

Kalscheur Essay on Future of Catholic Colleges in Inside Higher Ed

Newton, MA--Father Kalscheur's article on the future of Catholic intellectual tradition is featured in Inside Higher Ed.

Madoff Op Ed in Times on Problems with 'Donor-Advised Funds'

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff writes an op ed in the New York Times on the growth of donor-advised funds--and the issue with delayed distribution.

Friday Faculty Colloqium: RonNell Andersen Jones

Newton, MA--BYU professor RonNell Andersen Jones will present her article "Rethinking Reporter's Privilege" to the BC Law faculty on Friday, November 18 at 12:15 pm.

Kanstroom Speaks at International Symposium on Human Rights

Newton, MA--BC Law Professor Daniel Kanstroom was a panelist at the recent "International Symposium on Human Rights and Quality of Life of the Portuguese-Speaking Communities in the United States and Canada," held in Cambridge, MA on November 9-10.

Greenfield Op Ed in Huffington Post on Meaning of Freedom

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield blogs in Huffington Post on Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and the meaning of Freedom.

Brown Op Ed on Mehanna Anti-Terror Trial in Herald

Newton, MA--George Brown's op ed on the Mehanna trial is published in the Boston Herald.

Greenfield on MSNBC's Ratigan Show on 'Myth of Choice'

Newton, MA-- Professor Greenfield is interviewed about his new book 'Myth of Choice' on MSNBC's Ratigan Show.

Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' Reviewed in Globe

Newton, MA--Professor Greendfield's newly released book, 'Myth of Choice' is reviewed in the Boston Globe.

Brown Talks to Guardian About Mehanna Trial

Newton, MA--George Brown speaks to The Guardian about Tarek Mehanna and his trial on terrorism charges.

Brown Talks to AP on Terror Trial

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown provides insight to the Associated Press on the Tarek Mehanna trial, which starts on Monday October 31, 2011. 

Greenfield on ABC's Topline on Tea Party and Freedom of Choice

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield appears on ABC's Topline to talk about the tea party, and the concept of freedom of choice.

Greenfield Op Ed on Cain and Personal Choice

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed for the Huffington Post on Herman Cain and personal choice, and the impact on success.

Cassidy Talks to Topeka Capital Journal on Missing Baby Case

Newton, MA--Michael Cassidy talks to the Topeka Capital Journal about a missing baby case.

Greenfield Blogs on 'Problem of Personal Responsibility'

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield blogs on the ACS website about personal responsibility.

Quinn Cited in Bloomberg on Skyworks-AnalogicTech Merger

Newton, MA-- Professor Quinn is quoted in Bloomberg on his thoughts about the outcome of a possible arbitration between Skyworks and AnalogicTech.

Greenfield Blog Post on Children Left in Cars

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed on the brain's tendency to go on autopilot, with sometimes tragic results.

Papandrea to Deliver Keynote Address at First Amendment Day

Newton, MA—Boston College Law School professor Mary-Rose Papandrea will deliver the keynote address at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s third annual First Amendment Day celebration on Tuesday, Sept.27, 2011.

Brodin to Speak as Part of Flaschner Author Series

Newton, MA--Professor Mark Brodin will discuss his book William P. Homans, Jr: A Life In Court as part of the Flaschner Judicial Institute's Author Series.

Cassidy Talks to Commonwealth Magazine on Sealed Indictments

Newton, MA-- Professor R. Michael Cassidy was quoted on indictments in a patronage case featured in the Commonwealth Magazine. 

Plater Comments to Reuters on BP Oil Spill Damages

Newton, MA--Zyg Plater talks to Reuters about the BP oil spill and the amount of damages the company might face.

Greenfield Op Ed In Times on Constitution Day

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed in the New York Times about the unconstitutionality of Constitution Day.

NCRP Blog Highlights Madoff Comments on Donor Advised Funds

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff's recent comments to the IRS on Donor Advised Funds received attention by a number of blogs, including the NCRP.

Albert Talks to NECN about Obama Address to Nation

Newton, MA--Boston College Law School professor Richard Albert discusses President Obama's speech with NECN. 

Lyons' Paper on Net Neutrality Published in The Federal Lawyer

Chestnut Hill, MA--The Federal Lawyer, the Federal Bar Association's official magazine, has published BC Law Professor Daniel Lyons' article on net neutrality and the benefits of adopting a more nuanced approach to nondiscrimination on the internet.

Greenfield Talks to NECN About Transition of Power in Libya

Chestnut Hill, MA--Professor Greenfield talks to NECN about the future of the transitional National Council of Libya as it attempts to create a new government.

Olson Talks to Reuters on Google-Motorola Deal

Newton, MA--David Olson talks to Reuters about the possibility of an antitrust lawsuit around Google's Motorola purchase.

Greenfield Talks to the AP on Repeal of the Solomon Amendment

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield discusses the repeal of the Solomon Amendment, and two law schools that chose to bar military recruiters before the repeal.

Brown Talks to Lowell Sun about State Ethics Lawsuit

Newton, MA--George Brown talks to the Lowell Sun about the Mass State Ethics Commission's call for a civil suit against the former embattled head of a local special- education collaborative.

Barrozo Paper on Adoption Cited by Washington Times

Newton, MA--Paulo Barrozo's paper on children's rights and adoption was referenced in a Washington Times article.

Greenfield on Economic Impact of Debt Deal--NECN

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield talks to NECN about the economic impact of the debt deal.

Cassidy Letter in WSJ On "Ballooning" Body of Criminal Law

Newton, MA--Michael Cassidy writes a letter in response to the recent Wall Street Journal article on the "ballooning" body of federal criminal law.

FitzGibbon Co-Organizes Symposium on Family Law

Newton, MA--Boston College Law School professor Scott FitzGibbon co-organized the symposium on Jurisprudence of the Family: Parenting and the Influence of Culture, held at the University of Malta on July 15th and 16th.

Greenfield Op Ed: Blame James Madison

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield's op ed in the Huffington Post suggests that James Madison is to blame for the debt ceiling impasse.

Dean Rougeau Letter on "Big Law" in New York Times

Newton, MA--Dean Vincent Rougeau writes a letter in response to a recent NY Times article on law schools and the legal profession.

Greenfield Talks to NECN About Ongoing US Debt Talks

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield is featured as a guest in an NECN news segment on the ongoing debt talks taking place in Congress and the implications of raising the debt ceiling.   

Bilder Featured in Newport Daily in Honor of Charter Day

Newton, MA--Professor Mary Sarah Bilder's appearance as a guest speaker at an event hosted by the John Clark Society was featured in the Newport Daily News yesterday in observance of Rhode Island Charter Day.

Greenfield Talks to WBZ-TV on Lost Luggage Law

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield was interviewed last Wednesday on WBZ-TV in a segment addressing a new law forcing airlines to reimburse passengers for lost luggage.

Bilder to Lecture at July 17 John Clarke Society Event

Newton, MA--Mary Bilder will present a lecture at the John Clarke Society's July 17 event celebrating Rhode Island Charter Day.

Blum Letter to Globe on UN Criminal Tribunals

Newton, MA--The Boston Globe has published a letter to the editor written by BC Law professor Joan Blum, in response to an op-ed that appeared last Thursday.  In it, Blum elaborates on the work of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and how it differs from UN tribunals.

Bloom Speaks to Globe about Clemens Trial

Newton, MA--Robert Bloom talks about the Roger Clemens case with the Boston Globe.

Kanstroom to Speak at Council on Foreign Relations

Newton, MA--Professor Daniel Kanstroom will speak at a plenary session on July 13 at the Council of Foreign Relations on the subject of immigration and border security. 

FitzGibbon Co-Organizer of Conference on Jurisprudence of the Family

Newton, MA--Professor Scott FitzGibbon served as co-organizer for the Symposium on the Jurisprudence of the Family: Parenting and the Influence of Culture, held at the Pontifical University of Buenos Aires in May, 2011.

Greenfield Op Ed on "Sweat Lodge Guru" Verdict

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed in the Huffington Post about the "sweat-lodge" guru's guilty verdict.

Greenfield's Huffington Op-Ed Noted in The Atlantic

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield's Huffington Post Op-Ed on Obama and the War Powers Act is referenced in an Atlantic article on the constitutionality of presidential power in war.  

Quinn Quoted in Reuters on Insider Trading Convictions

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn is asked to comment on the investigations regarding recent insider trading convictions of three former securities traders.

Greenfield Op Ed: Should US Ban the Burqa?

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield's latest op ed takes on the controversial argument of whether to ban the burqa in the United States, under certain circumstances.

Madoff's Book Immortality and the Law in the Globe

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff's book "Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead" was highlighted in the Boston Globe.

Greenfield Op Ed on Obama and the War Powers Act

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed in the Huffington Post on the President, Libya, and the War Powers Act.

Katz Referenced in Slate on Jeff Hall Case

Newton, MA--Sanford Katz is asked to shed light on the custody battle between white supremacist leader Jeff Hall and his ex-wife before Hall was murdered by his son earlier this May.

Cassidy Quoted in Miami Herald on Kerrigan Case

Newton, MA--Michael Cassidy talks about the effect Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan's celebrity will have in the ongoing trial regarding her father's alleged murder.

Quinn Quoted in Reuters on Delaware Court Change

Newton, MA--Professor Brian Quinn is quoted in a Reuters article in regards to the anticipated transition in power in the Delaware Chancery Court, where current chief judge William Chandler will be stepping down.

Katz Op Ed on CPCS in Mass Lawyers Weekly (Login)

Newton, MA--Sanford Katz's op ed on the proposed restructuring of the Committee for Public Counsel appears in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Greenfield Quoted in Forbes on Wal-Mart Case

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield is quoted in a story in Forbes on the Wal-Mart class action lawsuit.

Cassidy in MLW on Sentencing Reform

Newton, MA--Michael Cassidy's op ed on criminal justice and sentencing reform appeared in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Greenfield Blogs in Huffington Post on Tea Party Repeals

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield blogs in the Huffington Post on potential Tea Party appeal targets.

Cassidy Named to SJC Professional Conduct Committee

Newton, MA—BC Law Professor Michael Cassidy has been appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court to a two-year term on its Standing Advisory Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Madoff Op Ed in Times on Identity as Licensed Property

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff's op ed on personal identity as licensed property was published in the New York Times.

Greenfield in The Nation on Corporate Law Failures

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield talks to The Nation about the failure to prosecute corporations for wrongdoing.

Quinn Quoted in Business Insider on JCrew Sale

Newton, MA--Quinn discusses the recent controversial buyout of JCrew by CEO Millard Drexler in Business Insider

Greenfield on Presidential Authority in Libya Action

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield talks to NECN about the authority of the president to go on the offensive in Libya.

Rabb Talks to NPR About Sharia Law Ban

Newton, MA--Associate Professor of Islamic and American Law Intisar Rabb speaks on the NPR program "Tell Me More" in light of the recent proposal of the Sharia Law Ban, which seeks to ban the application of Islamic law in state courts.

Yen Talks to Boston Herald on Chara Case

Newton, MA--Professor Alfred Yen talks to the Boston Herald about Bruins player Zdeno Chara, and whether charges would be likely in the investigation into a hit on a Montreal player.

Rabb Interviewed by American Progress on Sharia

Newton, MA--Intisar Rabb was interviewed by American Progress on Sharia.

Madoff Quoted in WSJ on Dynasty Trusts

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff is quoted in the Wall Street Journal on dynasty trusts in the new budget proposal from President Obama.

Greenfield Op Ed on Health Care in Huffington Post

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield explains what shoveling snow has to do with the constitutionality of health care reform in his latest op ed.

Quinn Quoted by Reuters in Airgas Case

Newton, MA--Law Professor Brian Quinn was quoted by Reuters and was reproduced for a CNBC article on the Airgas/Air Products case last Tuesday.

Quinn in Times on Air Products Case

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn's blog is mentioned in a New York Times piece on the Air Products case.

Madoff on Emily Rooney Show on Estate Tax

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff talks to the Emily Rooney show on the estate tax issue.

Madoff in NY Times on Estate Tax

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff argues that the country should get rid of the estate tax altogether and tax heirs on income.

Kanstroom Talks about American Dream on WGBH

Newton, MA--Dan Kanstroom discusses the American Dream act on WGBH's Greater Boston.


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