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Boston College Law School faculty are used as legal experts and sources by a growing number of reporters and media outlets, both across the country and around the world. This section of the website contains a selection of links to articles where BC Law faculty have been recently quoted.

If you are a member of the media looking to speak with a faculty member, please contact Director of Communications Nate Kenyon (617-552-1184; cell 617-417-6818) for assistance.

Professor Cathleen Kaveny
Kaveny in Bloomberg on Indiana Religious Freedom Law

There is a simple way to make sure Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects religious liberty without making it easier for Hoosiers to discriminate against gay people: Write it into the law, or better yet, pass a new law extending civil rights protections to LGBT people.

Professor Robert Bloom
Prof. Robert Bloom Covers Latest on Tsarnaev Marathon Bombing Trial

The 18 jurors for the Boston Marathon bombing trial have heard testimony from about 20 people so far, but defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev probably won't join that list of witnesses anytime soon -- if at all.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong Talks to Vice News on Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom

A total of 15 states across the US could follow Indiana's lead in enacting broad "religious freedom" laws this legislative session, despite the intense blowback and backtracking now occurring in Indiana.

Professor Patricia McCoy
McCoy in Boston Business Journal on Insurance for Boston 2024 Olympics

The plan by Boston 2024 Olympics organizers that they might buy insurance policies to protect taxpayers against cost over-runs makes an assumption that's far from certain — that an entity would be willing to write such a policy.

Professor Michael Cassidy photo
Cassidy in NY Times on Potential Tsarnaev Testimony in Bombing Trial

BOSTON — He swaggers into the courtroom. Freed of handcuffs and leg manacles, he occasionally taps the witness box on his way to the defense table, where he takes his place between two lawyers.

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff in Non Profit Times on Donor Advised Funds

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been pouring into donor-advised funds (DAF) in recent years. The question for some observers of the charitable world, however, is whether enough has been making its way to the coffers of charities.

Professor Dan Lyons
Lyons on Bloomberg Radio to Discuss Net Neutrality Challenges

Two law suits already have been filed against the FCC over net neutrality rules passed less than a month ago. Law School Associate Professor Daniel Lyons discussed the new net neutrality rules as a guest on Bloomberg Radio's "Bloomberg Law" (segment at 1:08).

Professor Mary-Rose Papandrea
Papandrea Talks to CNN on Supreme Court Specialty License Plate Case

At the Supreme Court Monday, the justices considered Texas's specialty license program and the decision by state officials to reject a design depicting the confederate flag submitted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Professor Kent Greenfield
Greenfield on Limits of Free Speech for Frat Boys in Atlantic Op Ed, NECN Interview, NCC Podcast

Members of a fraternity at the University of Oklahoma were recently filmed chanting that they’d rather see a black student lynched than as a member of their clan. The now viral video of dapper, privileged white men shouting, “There will never be a nigger at SAE, you can hang him from a tree” reminds us of our greatest national shame.

Prof. Mary-Rose Papandrea
Papandrea on "Online Reputation, Privacy & the Law" Panel at Above the Law's "Converge"

On March 18, 2015 in New York City, Professor Mary-Rose Papandrea participated on a panel at Above the Law's "Converge" conference.  The panel explored the intersection of law and policy issues relating to online reputation, information privacy, client confidentiality, cybersecurity, and other related topics.

Dean Vincent Rougeau

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