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Boston College Law School faculty are used as legal experts and sources by a growing number of reporters and media outlets, both across the country and around the world. This section of the website contains a selection of links to articles where BC Law faculty have been recently quoted.

If you are a member of the media looking to speak with a faculty member, please contact Director of Communications Nate Kenyon (617-552-1184; cell 617-417-6818) for assistance.

Professor Michael Cassidy
Cassidy Talks to Fox News on Aaron Hernandez Case

Police detectives working a 2012 double murder ignored critical surveillance footage in their possession for more than 11 months — a lapse that may have stymied their investigation of the inexplicable shooting now tied to former football star Aaron Hernandez, a FOX Sports investigation has learned.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong on WGBH Greater Boston Regarding Death Penalty Debate

Kari Hong, an associate professor at Boston College and former criminal defense lawyer, recently wrote a controversial article for the Boston Globe entitled 'Bring Back The Firing Squad.' She joins Greater Boston to make her case.

Prof. Michael Cassidy
Cassidy Mass Lawyers Weekly Op Ed on Investigation of Police-Involved Killings

The recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers have focused public attention on racial injustice in America.

Professor Robert Bloom
Prof. Robert Bloom Covers Latest on Tsarnaev Marathon Bombing Trial

The 18 jurors for the Boston Marathon bombing trial have heard testimony from about 20 people so far, but defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev probably won't join that list of witnesses anytime soon -- if at all.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong Writes Boston Globe Op Ed on Death Penalty

I used represent inmates on California’s death row. Their innocence was not an issue. My clients had committed horrific crimes.

Professor George Brown
Brown Calls Section 666 Use in New Jersey Bridgegate Case "Creative and Novel"

The crime of using a traffic jam for political retribution was never something Congress explicitly put in the federal statute books.

Professor Brian Quinn
Quinn in Reuters on T Rowe Price's Challenge to Dell Buyout

An increasingly popular tactic used by hedge funds and others to extract more money from buyouts could face a major courtroom test as soon as Monday, when a big investor in Dell Inc may argue that it should be paid a higher price for the 2013 acquisition of the PC maker.

Professor George Brown
Brown Talks to Herald Over NSA Ruling on Cellphone Data

A bombshell federal court ruling has set up a new showdown between the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the government’s right to dragnet citizens’ cellphone data in the name of counterterrorism.

Professor Kent Greenfield
Greenfield in The Hill on Citizens United and the Twenty-Eighth Amendment

Millions of Americans across the political spectrum are working for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and end the corruption of overwhelming, unlimited money of an elite few in our elections.

Professor Sharon Beckman
West, Beckman Talk to Newsweek on Marilyn Mosby '05

Marilyn Mosby finds herself in headlines and broadcasts across the country this week as the Baltimore City state’s attorney handling the Freddie Gray case.

Dean Vincent Rougeau

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