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Boston College Law School faculty are used as legal experts and sources by a growing number of reporters and media outlets, both across the country and around the world. This section of the website contains a selection of links to articles where BC Law faculty have been recently quoted.

If you are a member of the media looking to speak with a faculty member, please contact Director of Communications Nate Kenyon (617-552-1184; cell 617-417-6818) for assistance.

Professor Patricia McCoy
McCoy in Bloomberg on Winding Down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Tim Johnson, the South Dakota Democrat who wrote a bill to eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, sat in the walnut-paneled chambers of the Senate Banking Committee yesterday and said Congress might never get rid of the two companies.

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff Quoted in IBD on Drawbacks of Donor-Advised Funds

The crush of year-end charitable giving may be underway. But Noah Rosenfarb of Parkland, Fla., hasn't waited until the last minute. Earlier this year, he gave some of his Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock that had surged in value to the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation, in Boca Raton, Fla., which administers donor-advised funds.

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff in Palm Beach Daily News on Pitfalls of Donor-Advised Funds

The easiest way to donate to the charity of your choice may be through a donor-advised fund, which you often can find at your investment company or brokerage house.  With these funds, you get a charitable tax break for your gift and may have a say in how your money will be distributed. But beware that once you invest in one of these funds, your investment is irrevocable.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong on NECN to Discuss Obama's Immigration Plans

Immigration law expert Kari Hong from BC Law School joined BroadSide host Jim Braude to discuss whether the President can suspend deportations without approval of Congress.

Professor Richard Albert
Albert in Newsweek on Town's Proposed Tobacco Sales Ban

Residents of the small town of Westminster, Massachusetts, are fuming over a proposed ban on the sale of all tobacco products within town limits. A town meeting held Wednesday evening to discuss the proposal ended after barely 20 minutes when attendees refused to stop clapping and shouting.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong in Herald on Obama's Immigration Plans

President Obama’s anticipated executive orders to let 5 million illegal immigrants live and work here legally will mean open war between Capitol Hill and the White House, Republicans warned.  “We’re going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path,” House Speaker John Boehner said.

Professor Patricia McCoy
McCoy Talks to SNL Financial on Penalties Against Banks in Forex Scandal

The biggest U.S. banks are ensnared in the global foreign-exchange market fracas that resulted this week in billions of dollars in fines. They will likely face more financial stress, including hefty lawsuits, as well as reputational pain and the specter of criminal indictments — against individuals and possibly against the banks themselves, observers told SNL.

Professor David Olson
Olson on Fox 25 to Discuss the Future of Online Music

BC Law Professor David Olson spoke to Fox 25 about muscians such as Taylor Swift and their ability to make money from commercial music services like Spotify.

Professor Dan Kanstrooom
Kanstroom Talks to KGNS-TV on Deportation Laws

The community had a chance to learn about deportation laws and how they are enforced in the United States.  It’s all part of TAMIU and IBC bank's Keynote Speaker Series. Wednesday's speaker was Boston College law Professor, Daniel Kanstroom.  The presentation was based off his book, "Aftermath: Deportation Law and the New American Diaspora."

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff in Globe on Fidelity's Donor-Advised Funds

Fidelity Investments, best known for mutual funds and retirement plans, now oversees more in charitable contributions than much better-known philanthrophic organizations such as the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross, and it is on the verge of surpassing the United Way.

Dean Vincent Rougeau

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