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Boston College Law School faculty are used as legal experts and sources by a growing number of reporters and media outlets, both across the country and around the world. This section of the website contains a selection of links to articles where BC Law faculty have been recently quoted.

If you are a member of the media looking to speak with a faculty member, please contact Director of Communications Nate Kenyon (617-552-1184; cell 617-417-6818) for assistance.

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff Talks to New Yorker on Investment Firms and Philanthropy

In 1991, as the United States was emerging from a recession, Edward C. Johnson III, the chairman of Fidelity Investments, introduced what at the time was an unorthodox possibility: What if his company could facilitate charitable donations for its clients? The firm could help people get a tax benefit while making it easier for them to give to charities.

Professor Pat McCoy
McCoy Talks to Law 360 on MetLife Challenge To SIFI Designation

(From Law 360)--MetLife Inc. faces an uphill battle in its challenge to its proposed designation as a systemically important financial institution subject to Federal Reserve oversight, given factors such as the highly deferential standard of review favoring federal regulators, experts say.

Professor Zyg Plater
Plater Talks to Patriot Ledger on Eminent Domain in Quincy

Larry Tasney’s duplex in North Quincy could soon be the last house standing on a stretch of Hunt Street that city leaders want to see flattened and turned into a parking lot behind North Quincy High School. Still refusing to sell his home, Tasney remains the last holdout.

Professor Kent Greenfield
Watch: Greenfield in Jefferson B. Fordham Debate on Corporate Personhood

The subject of the 31st annual debate was “Be it resolved: Corporations should not be considered people under the U.S. Constitution.”

Professor Alfred Yen
Yen Talks to Globe on Converse Law Suit Against Look-Alikes

Converse Inc. sued some of the nation’s biggest retailers and sneaker-makers Tuesday in a legal blitz to defend its iconic and enduringly popular Chuck Taylor shoes against a crowd of purported copycat competitors.

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff on MPRNews on Charitable Giving in Twin Cities

A nationwide study released this week reports that the Twin Cities was one of the areas in the country that saw the largest decline in charitable giving through the recession and early years of economic recovery.

Professor Cathleen Kaveny
Kaveny Op-ed in Commonweal on "That 70s Church: What It Got Right"

Unpacking some boxes after a recent move from South Bend, Indiana, to Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, I came across my confirmation stole, which I made in the spring of 1978.

Professor Michael Cassidy
Cassidy Talks to Globe on Potential New Trial in 1993 Murder

The case of two men convicted of killing a woman in Chelsea is expected to come before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Thursday, as justices weigh whether new DNA evidence merits a retrial after the men have spent more than 20 years behind bars.

Professor Kent Greenfield
Greenfield in Christian Science Monitor on Supreme Court and Gay Marriage

Some analysts sorting through the tea leaves say the high court’s decision Monday not to take up a same-sex marriage case suggests that the four conservative justices could not be sure Justice Kennedy – the potential deciding vote – would join them.

Professor Robert Bloom
Bloom Talks to Reuters on Friend of Accused Boston Bomber

(Reuters) - A friend of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect could not have lied to the FBI about visiting his dorm room and removing a backpack because he was too intoxicated by marijuana to remember what he did that day, his attorney said on Monday.

Dean Vincent Rougeau

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