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What Exactly Is the Alumni Association?

a powerful connector, for one thing

Alumni Assoc

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Like many of you, when my husband Matthew and I graduated from the Law School about a decade ago, we had only a vague notion of what the BC Law Alumni Association was all about. That’s not to say we were uninvolved alumni. On the contrary, we made our donations to the annual fund, judged competitions, attended events, and even participated in the mentoring program. Not to mention that we kept in touch with a large group of our classmates.

We moved along with the assumption that we were taking advantage of what the Law School had to offer its alumni. Eleven years and an assistant deanship later, I realize that our understanding and involvement had barely scratched the surface.

Let’s start with the basics. The alumni association is made up of all 11,448 of us alumni. You don’t need to sign up, or even pay dues, to join—your degree is your admission ticket. The association is governed by an Alumni Board led by Denis Cohen '76 and made up of sixteen members. The board members are generally responsible for managing programs in a particular area that involves alumni (regional chapters, alumni programs, career services, mentoring, etc.).

Now that you understand the structure, you are probably still asking, “What exactly does the alumni association do and how does that pertain to me?” On the most basic level, we strive to create programs and opportunities for alumni to serve each other, the Law School, and the community. To be more specific, we plan your reunions, organize mentoring programs, work with alumni in chapters to put together events and initiatives, put on Law Day, etc.

If you’re like Matt and me, you’re busy, have plenty of business contacts, and have a pretty tough time even keeping in touch with the friends whom you already have. However, you cannot underestimate the power of the BC Law connection. I see it happen every day, that instant change in the conversation when people realize they both went to BC Law. Whether it results in new business or a new friend or just a good feeling, engaging in the association is beneficial, and I guarantee you will be glad you got involved.

By Christine Kelly ’97
Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations

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