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Duo Helps Put Chapters on the Map

falvey, cohen provide leadership

I don’t even practice law, says Brian Falvey ’97, but fortunately that wasn’t a requirement for the job of vice president of national delegates for the BC Law Alumni Council. The important thing for Falvey, owner of New England Classic
Properties in Belmont and COO of OHC Development, a residential real estate developer in Peabody, is that he enjoyed his student years at the Law School and likes remaining connected to it. That, and he loves a good challenge.

“I’m kind of an entrepreneur by nature, “ he says, “so I always look for opportunities where I can help something grow and change.” Indeed, under his energetic leadership, the Alumni Council led the charge to renew and expand regional alumni chapters around the country.

“If we’re going to call ourselves a national law school, we’d better have a national structure,” Falvey says to explain why he so strongly supports chapters. He was behind the council’s first National Chapter Handbook and the establishment of a formalized chapter structure.

“More infrastructure needs to be put in place, and we need to amend the Alumni Council bylaws to formally recognize chapters,” says Falvey, but that task he is leaving in the capable hands of his successor, Denis Cohen ’76.

What is a chapter? Who decides on funding? Who’s going to manage them? These are questions Cohen, as vice president of national delegates, is ready to address. A judge at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Cohen is up to the job, although as a law student he never would have imagined himself in such a position.

“I thought I’d go to law school for three years and forget about it,” he says. That’s not what happened. Thirty years later, Cohen is still involved with the Law School, with which he says he’s formed a “special bond.”

When Cohen became a judge in 2000, BC Law was foremost in his mind when it came to hiring. “The first thing I did was call the BC Law placement office because I needed a law clerk,” he says. And in 2001, when his wife died of lung cancer and he was left with a newborn son, the Law School was incredibly supportive. “It’s one of those things you never forget,” Cohen says of how his BC Law friends and colleagues stood by him. “One of the reasons I’ve been so involved is Linda Glennon [director of alumni relations],” says Cohen. “She’s absolutely phenomenal.”

In the year ahead, Cohen plans to build on Falvey’s legacy to strengthen BC Law’s chapter network.


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