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Letters To The Editor

Taking Issue with Higgins
Stories about George Higgins always catch my eye ("True Confessions?" Fall 2001). I read the first three books mentioned in the article and met Higgins at a fundraiser for former Dean Robert F. Drinan when Drinan was in Congress. George and I nearly came to blows because of our differences in politics. According to your article, Higgins believed that while crime will never go away, criminals themselves are redeemable. Fair enough, but having worked part-time as a nurse at the Arlington County Jail in Virginia, I do not buy Higgins's theory. Working nights and weekends gave me the time to review medical records, which showed that 19 percent of the inmates were psychotic, while 70 percent were substance abusers.

On a separate note, as I read "Global Justice" (Fall 2001), I was reminded of the recent international human rights seminar here in Lisbon, hosted by the LusoAmerican Development Foundation. Father Drinan took part, and we had not met since he was in Congress.

Gilbert L. Wells '58
Lisbon, Portugal



The Books That Bind
The article "Printed Treasures: Inside the Coquillette Rare Book Room" (Fall 2001) has given me enormous enjoyment. But more importantly, I have received dozens of calls, letters, and references from alumni saying how proud they were of the collection, and how important they thought this whole enterprise was for Boston College Law School. Of course, this is the reason why I support the Rare Book Room. Not only is it a terrific teaching tool for legal history and legal philosophy, but it is something that binds the alumni to the school in their pride of what it means for legal learning and for legal professionalism.

Not only did you capture the hopes and dreams of the curator, Karen Beck, myself, and other members of the Rare Books Committee, but also you gave a wonderful view of why this is a community enterprise.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the summary of the exhibit What Collectors Collect. I am sure it contributed a great deal to the excellent turnout that we've had in connection to that exhibit.

Daniel R. Coquillette
The J. Donald Monan, S.J., University Professor