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Policy Imperatives

aba task force to review terrorism reforms

Dean John Garvey and two BC Law alumni have been named to the new ABA Task Force on Terrorism and the Law, established to provide counsel to political leaders on legislation related to the September 11 attacks.

Boston's Richard Campbell '74 of Campbell, Campbell, Edwards, & Conroy and Michael S. Greco '72 of Hill & Barlow are the alumni among the task force's experts on law and national security, constitutional law, immigration law, civil rights, criminal justice, tort and insurance practice, business law, and science and technology. Robert Clifford, chair of the ABA Section of Litigation, heads the group.

Their mandate is to examine law-related policy issues implicated in the terrorist attacks, to assess existing ABA policy on those issues, to determine what revisions are needed or additional areas should be addressed, and to bring policy recommendations to the ABA board of governors for its consideration.

"We need to make sure the mechanisms exist that will permit prompt and effective investigation and prosecution of those responsible for these heinous acts," said ABA President Robert E. Hirshon, "while ensuring we preserve the fundamental principles of our system of constitutional law...We need to be ready for inconveniences, restrictions, and possibly a loss of some liberties." --Stefanie Foster

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