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Insert Text HereA Sense of Belonging
Inside BC Law Magazine, a new look at community
By Vicki Sanders, Editor

We introduce a new look and new contents with this issue of the magazine. The retooling starts with the publication's name, which has been abbreviated to BC Law Magazine, and ends with "In Closing," a back-page guest column that offers perspectives from outside the Law School. In between is this editor's note, "In Limine," with which I hope to establish a personal connection to readers, and "Legal Currents," a new section on trends and timely issues. They appear alongside such regular features as the dean's message, renamed "Behind the Columns," and alumni news, which has been repackaged as "Esquire" to include an expanded Class Notes section and a form to send us your news.

The changes are not arbitrary. As BC Law grows and evolves, so too must the publication that communicates what's happening here. We have tried with our new design, expanded use of photography, and rearrangement of content to reflect the modern, vibrant community the Law School is today. The topical articles on a variety of subjects focus on issues inside and outside the academy that may be beneficial to you personally and professionally.

Another goal of our makeover is to enhance your feeling of identity with the school. At a recent meeting of the Alumni Council, members were asked what BC Law meant to them. A common theme among their replies was a strong sense of belonging. We strive to ensure that such a bond endures for all alumni by using lively photography and engaging stories to bring you closer to the Law School and to each other. Many of you attended law classes on campuses different from our current home in Newton, but place is not defined solely by geography. Place is a feeling, a resource, a touchstone to which we may return again and again to be reminded about what matters. We hope the redesigned magazine will jog your memories about classmates and favorite professors or courses, even as it shows you what learning is like today inside the wired classroom, where laptops are now as ubiquitous as notepads once were.

We have introduced ways for you to stay in touch with us. If you have received your copy of the magazine in the mail, you may give us your feedback by filling out the Readers' Survey on Page 67 (or by using the form on Page 43 to bring us up to date on your recent activities or a change of address). Here on the new website, you may give us your feedback by sending an email to, or by visiting our how to submit page for more information. Only one thing more is needed: your letters. Please write to us. Respond to the information and opinions you read in these pages. Let us know what provokes you, what makes you laugh. Share your opinions with your fellow readers. A "Letters to the Editor" page awaits.

Vicki Sanders
Editor in Chief