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Law School Fund

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Boston College Law School provides a distinct and powerful legal education. Since its inception, Boston College Law School has had a reputation for high standards. The quest for academic excellence is shaped by a desire to educate lawyers who foster a commitment to important ideals of justice and service—ideals that are rooted in the Ignatian tradition. BC Law offers a unique opportunity to receive a rigorous legal education in the context of a respectful, caring, committed community of students, faculty and staff. Alumni and friends who extend their support to BC Law help BC Law remain a leader among law schools.

What Is The Law School Fund?

The Law School Fund is BC Law’s annual fund. Contributions to the Law School Fund are the foundation of voluntary support for the Law School and donations made to the Fund are available to be used immediately to meet the Law School’s most important needs. Some portion of the Fund helps launch new initiatives, such as the newly established Dean's Scholars Program. The Law School Fund provides an invaluable bridge between the tuition revenue and the actual operating costs of the School.

In Fiscal Year 2012, alumni and friends collectively made $1.4 million in donations to the Law School Fund. These gifts are being put to immediate use in the 2012-2013 academic year.

What does the Law School Fund support?

Important BC Law programs depend upon the Fund each year for support.
Each year, the Dean will ensure that these gifts are used for top priorities. In
Fiscal Year 2012, here is how your gifts made a difference:

Financial Aid for Students
Since 2008, the Law School has seen a marked increase in financial need from many of its students. In FY 2012, the School spent approximately $2 million on financial aid to defray student tuition costs; only about a quarter of that is supported by existing endowed gifts. The Law School Fund is a critical source of funding to support this large and important need.
Faculty Research Grants
Each year, our faculty produces research and writing on pressing issues of our times, from corporate governance issues that paper the headlines to housing and family law challenges that have risen as the result of a downturn in the economy. The Law School Fund helps provide the financial support that underpins the impressive work of our faculty.
Loan Repayment Assistance (for alumni working in public interest positions)
The number of graduating students who choose public service careers has risen in recent years. In the past 10 years, funding for LRAP has increased 300%; in FY2012, BC Law distributed over $373,000 in loan assistance grants to 104 alumni. To date, BC Law has never turned away a qualifying graduating student who requests loan assistance to pursue his or her professional dreams. The Law School Fund helps the School remain true to its mission to prepare students to do good in the world.
And Much, Much More…
The Law School Fund is a financial resource for the Dean to respond to unforeseen opportunities and challenges.


Why Participate In Giving to the Law School Fund?
Your support of the Law School Fund is critical. You are not only providing crucial financial resources, but also casting your vote of confidence in the mission of BC Law.

Every area of BC Law benefits from your gift to the Fund. Through your gift, you help guarantee that the Law School’s highest priorities receive support each year.

Giving back to the Law School Fund is one of the most direct ways in which alumni can help ensure that BC Law continues the tradition of excellence in legal education that has become its trademark.

As a student, you likely benefitted from some or all of the programs that are supported by the Law School Fund today. Now, your support is needed to help continue our tradition of academic excellence and abiding commitment to service. Your support will ensure that current and future students receive the same opportunities that you had – just as those who came before have done for you.

Ways of Giving

We make it easy! You can mail in a check, give online with your credit card, wire your gift, donate securities, arrange for matching gifts, and include BC Law in your short- and long-term philanthropic and estate planning.

Learn more about Ways of Giving.

Or, print and mail in our Law School Fund Gift Form now.

For more information about the Law School Fund, please contact Amanda Angel at (617) 552-8696 or