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Graduation Gift

office of advancement

What is the 3L Class Gift? The 3L Class Gift is a student-led campaign to raise money for the Boston College Law School. This longstanding tradition unites 3Ls to give back to BC.

Why participate in the 3L Class Gift Program? Through your annual gifts, every area of the Law School benefits and you help guarantee that the School’s highest priorities are funded year after year. As a student, you likely benefited from some of the programs that are supported by the Law School Fund today. Now, your support is needed to continue our tradition of academic excellence and abiding commitment to service. Your support will ensure that current and future students receive the same opportunities that you had – just as those that came before you did for you.

Ways You Can Give: One-time gift or installment pledge.

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Weinstein Match
2015 Class Gift: Weinstien Match

Contact Amanda Angel at (617) 552-8696 or