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Alumni Testimonials

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Read why our alumni and friends choose to support Boston College Law School:

"To me, the Law School was three years of hard work that resulted in a base of knowledge and a core group of friends that I continue to rely on every day. I support BC Law because I'm proud of the school, and I want it to continue to thrive and succeed." -- Anna C. Caspersen '96

"All alumni should realize that no matter what you do with your legal education, BC equipped you to follow your passion." -- Thomas Gaynor '01

"BC Law provided me the legal skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue the career path that I most desired. In a subtle way, BC Law also exposed me to a blending of the values of the Jesuit tradition with excellent legal academic training, a rare combination that I today consider a blessing." -- Richard M. Whiting '73

"BC Law provided an education based on excellence, demanding that we use all of our talents. That experience prepared us for the practice of law in a profound manner." -- Hon. Charles A. Abdella '67

"BC is distinct because it's a Jesuit law school that places an importance on serving the public interest. This is key in a profession that loses sight of the bigger picture - that law serves the people" -- Amy Rindskopf '01

"The clear difference is the humane atmosphere of the place at every level. BC is rare among law schools in its lack of pretense and hierarchy. Whether professor, student, administrator, librarian, custodian or campus police officer, everyone is pretty much taken for who they are as a person." --Professor Charles "Buzzy" Baron.