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The 75th Medals

celebrating 75 years

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The 75th anniversary is an important milestone in the life of the Law School. The administration, in consultation with the Alumni Association and the faculty, has agreed that the accomplishments and diverse careers of a substantial number of graduates should be recognized by the school and by alumni. The awards, in the form of medals, will recognize distinction in varying professional and personal lives.

BC Law has graduated a remarkably talented collection of extraordinary lawyers--but it has also graduated a group that has varied from working in businesses to creating art, music and various published writings. The Law School 75th Medals are intended to recognize and honor distinction within the profession, and also those graduates with a broad range of career and skills. Medals will be given to those who have excelled in the many diverse areas that have engaged our alumni and alumnae.

The Law School recognizes that there will be alumni who have excelled in the particular area who will not ultimately receive a medal. But even a formal listing of career and personal life activity will give us a chance to honor the very diverse ways in which our graduates have excelled and improved the society of which we are a part.

So, please nominate one – or more – graduates who you recommend should be recognized for their achievements. We have decided to recognize only living persons by medals but we would like to have your help in also identifying deceased graduates who did accomplish much in their lifetime.

In your nominations it will be obvious why some persons are nominated. But we are also looking for the persons who have done much in a community, or in a special area of service, and we would need fairly substantial details supporting your opinion.


Richard Huber
Professor Emeritus
Co-Chair, 75th Committee