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Navajo Nation



Navajo Nation

Spring Break Trips: Navajo Nation

Since the late 1980s, BC Law's Spring Break Trips have given students the opportunity to volunteer their time and growing expertise in a variety of public service areas, while learning more about the law in the process.

The trips are part of the BC Law Human Rights Program, and are placed under the Boston College Immigration and Asylum Project umbrella. But Director of the Program Professor Dan Kanstroom says that the project was originally inspired and organized by students, beginning as a Spring Break service trip around 1988. In the first year, about ten students, all funded by the dean, traveled to Florida to work with the Haitian Refugee Center. This was the only placement for the first few years, until El Paso was added.

This year, approximately 30 BC Law students will participate in the trips. Placement locations include Washington, D.C., Harlingen, Texas, Eloy, Arizona, two in Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. In various venues, the supervising attorneys are former students who have gone through the program.

A recently added trip to Window Rock, Arizona and the Navajo Reservation that focuses on Indian law is featured here. The slideshow on these pages contain images of last year's trip to Navajo Nation, and excerpts from the journal entries of Keturah Martin (BC Law '06). The journal is only one participant's view of what happened during her trip, but it captures some of the remarkable experiences these students go through in the few short days they are on the job, as they gain vital experience and learn a little of what it means to be a public interest lawyer.

View the Slideshow

To learn more about the Spring Break trips, read the news story here or visit the program's Web site.


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