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Meet Your New Board

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John HanifyAlumni across the country recently voted to approve a bold new plan for alumni relations by a 4 to 1 margin. The Alumni Search Committee, formed this Spring as dictated by the new Constitution and By-laws for the Alumni Association to help “strike the match” in the formation of the first Board, reviewed more than 200 nominations while putting the first Board in place. The new Alumni Board will be headed by John Hanify (top left), and includes a diverse and dynamic group of alumni from across the country.

Board members will serve three-year terms were chosen for their experience and talent in specific core duties. They will manage the basic functions of alumni relations in partnership with the Law School, lead the effort in one of the functional or structural areas of the board, identify and recruit members to the committees they head, and establish goals and a plan to achieve them. Among the dozen or so committees the board will oversee are Regional Chapters, Student Programs, Advocacy Programs, Classes and Reunions, and Affinity Groups. Board leadership consists of a president and executive committee elected by the board.

Future Board heads will be elected by the Assembly, a kind of volunteer pipeline that expands alumni representation and voting power, will be populated by 150-plus alumni heads of the Law School’s chartered alumni affinity groups (e.g., class, regional chapter, shared personal and professional groups). They will meet once a year to be recognized for their work, informed about developments at the Law School, instructed in effective volunteer leadership, and to vote on a new slate of board nominees. In essence, the assembly will be a leadership farm team for the board.

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