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Announcement of the First Session

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When Boston College Law School was founded in 1929 at 11 Beacon Street in downtown Boston, the first dean, Dennis Dooley, envisioned a law school with a social conscience as well as an analytical mind. From its earliest days, Boston College Law School had a reputation for toughness and high standards. It won accreditation from the American Bar Association in 1932, just three years after its founding, joining the Harvard, Yale, and Boston University law schools as the only ones in New England to attain such a distinction. Academic standards were so high that in some years, as many as two-thirds of the first-year class would be excluded for poor scholarship. But the quest for academic excellence was also shaped by a desire to educate lawyers who worked for social justice and reform.

This is the first page from the very first Admissions Bulletin, issued in 1929.

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