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The Rare Book Room Dean's Exhibit

celebrating 75 years

Dean Garvey

Presenting: BC Law Deans, 1929-Today

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The Dean's Exhibit, currently on display in the Law Library's Daniel R. Coquillette Rare Book Room until December 15, is a fascinating snapshot look at the eleven deans and acting deans who have graced the halls of Boston College Law School since its beginnings in the Lawyer's Building at 11 Beacon Street in downtown Boston in 1929.

External influences such as the Great Depression and the two World Wars forever changed the Law School and influenced the often difficult choices faced by each dean. Filled with interesting texts, photos pulled from the archives, and unusual items such as a list of Dean Huber's "Huberisms" from the 1970s, the Dean's Exhibit gives a glimpse into several stages of the Law School's growth, from a regional school to a national power.

Facts from the biographies are particularly remarkable; for example, the first dean, Dennis Dooley, started a tour bus business while still an undergraduate, while Father Drinan was the first dean to make the Law School Admissions Test a mandatory requirement for acceptance to the school. And unusual coincidences: upon arriving as a professor at Boston University School of Law in 1979, Avi Soifer inherited an office with a particularly ugly rug that had been left by the previous faculty occupant — a man named Daniel R. Coquillette, whom he would follow as Dean years later at BC Law.

Included here is a sampling of photos and biographies from the exhibit. We welcome you to view the full Dean's Exhibit by stopping by the Law Library during business hours, and taking a tour of the Daniel R. Coquillette Rare Book Room.

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