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celebrating 75 years

We welcome your comments, questions and other feedback regarding this website and our 75th celebration!

  • General inquiries:
    Jean French
    75th Celebration Coordinator
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    Nate Kenyon
    Director, Law School Marketing & Communications

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  • Nominations for Alumni Medals:
    Please visit our nominations database located here.
  • Memories Database:
    Please visit our memories database located here.

75th Committee

Prof. Daniel R. Coquillette
Prof. Emeritus Richard G. Huber
Prof. Robert M. Bloom, ‘71
Assoc. Prof. Mary Ann Chirba-Martin ‘81
Prof. Emeritus Peter Donovan, ‘60
Fred Enman, S.J., ‘78
Linda Glennon
Irene Good, ‘89
John Gordon
Assoc. Prof Frank R. Herrmann, S.J.. ‘77
Prof. Ruth-Arlene Howe, ‘74
Prof. Sanford N. Katz
Nathaniel Kenyon
Marianne Lord
Prof. James R. Repetti, ‘80
Prof. James S. Rogers
Vicki Sanders
Assoc. Prof. Francine Sherman, ‘80
Susan Sullivan, ‘93
Assoc. Dean Norah Wylie, ‘79