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1L Student/Alumni Liaison Program

bc law school alumni association

The Role of the Mentor
The word mentor comes from Greek mythology. In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is the trusted friend of Odysseus left in charge of the household during Odysseus’s absence. Athena, disguised as Mentor, guides Odysseus’s son Telemachus in his search for his father.

By the 1700s, mentor had become a common noun meaning “wise counselor.” Today we use the word to describe someone who dedicates his or her time and energy to help another through advice, training, and friendship. The mentoring relationship is a central part of the Jesuit tradition, and one of the greatest strengths of Boston College Law School.



"Alumni can play a critical role in educating students about various career choices, as well as help prepare them for their jobs searches and assist them in finding summer and permanent positions"

Tom Burton
Alumni Board Member
Career Services



About the Program
The BC Law Alumni Association’s 1L Mentor Program is an example of the special nature and spirit of Boston College Law School. The Program matches first-year students with alumni volunteers in the city where they want to practice and in the practice area they are considering. Alumni partners serve as informal advisors and are available to answer questions that students may have about law school and the practice of law. Students may seek advice on course selections, career development, summer work ideas or any other areas of concern that arise during the first year of law school.

By volunteering to participate as a mentor, alumni can offer advice and encouragement to a member of the first-year class, while giving students an introduction to the practice of law outside the classroom and making them aware of the strong and supportive alumni community which they will one day join. Students who join the program will benefit from the advice of a trusted friend who has been through this experience before, and who understands what it means to be entering the legal profession.



“The Mentor Program has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the legal profession. Not only has Rose provided support as I make decisions about my career, but she also has inspired me and taught me a great deal about life as an attorney. She’s both a mentor and a good friend.”

– April A. Otterberg, Class of 2006
with Rosemary Daly ‘87 (left)

Otterberg and Daley






Quinn “The 1L Mentoring Program impacts lives in so many positive ways. For the alumni, the program provides avenues of revisiting their own experiences at BC Law. For first year students, the program provides a real connection to the world into which they are now venturing. For all involved, it is a path to life-long friends and colleagues.”

– Kathleen Quinn ‘93








To volunteer as a mentor you may email us at and we will email you the form, or print the form above and either fax to 617-552-2179 or mail to BC Law, Office of Advancement, 885 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02459