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Student Profiles

transfer students

Ryan McCaffrey '14

Ryan McCaffrey '15

"Through the constant, unwavering support of the BC Law Community, my transition was seamless. This help included alumni reaching out to meet for coffee and provide career advice, guidance on which classes to take from professors and Admissions, and learning how to effectively network from Career Services. While this support was invaluable, the best part was the relationships I built with fellow students. I felt as if I was immediately adopted into the BC Law “family.” Through all of this constant support and guidance, I was lucky enough to land a job as a Summer Associate at a big firm in the Silicon Valley. BC’s reputation, the support of my professors, and the guidance of Career Services were the perfect combination that allowed me to make this dream a reality.

"As for moving to the Boston area, I think the law school is in the perfect location in that students can easily access all of the different attractions Boston has to offer without those opportunities serving as distractions. While the price can be challenging, I am convinced it is worth it. Professors go out of their way to support the students and make sure we understand the material.

"I reflect on my decision to transfer daily, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend BC. In one short year, I’ve built several relationships that will last a lifetime; not only fellow students, but also alumni, professors, and administrators. BC Law feels like the perfect combination of a big law school, yet everybody knows and truly cares about each other. I’d highly recommend it to anybody interested in transferring!"

Genevieve Adams '13

Genevieve Adams '14

"Transferring to Boston College shaped my law school experience and subsequent career in immeasurable yet clearly identifiable and practical ways. The exposure to law firms, in-house positions, and other career opportunities in Boston and throughout the U.S. was available within days of my acceptance. Specifically, Career Services quickly set up hands-on training with On Campus Interviewing tools, and worked tirelessly to review and edit my resumes and other interview material. Throughout the year, Career Services was accessible for both quick questions, and more in depth discussions about career paths.

"Although I did not have to handle a tough geographical relocation, as I came from another school in Boston, I can speak to BC’s transition post-graduation into other geographical markets. BC Law facilitated an internship at a law firm in Chicago for the Fall Semester of my 3L year. This experience gave me exposure to my desired market which allowed me to gain access to firms otherwise not easily reached. BC Law was very supportive of this decision, and even though I was more than a thousand miles away from campus, I still felt connected to and part of the BC community. I could still take advantage of BC’s resources, yet still gain practical experience through the internship.

"Through BC, I learned what it meant to be part of a true law school community. Transitioning into a new environment is never easy, but Boston College students, faculty, and staff welcomed me and made the transition seamless. Even after graduation, I am still living in the Boston College community. With a small, yet distinguished, group of alumni, it is easy to keep in touch and utilize Boston College’s resources, no matter where you are."