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Frequently Asked Questions

transfer students

How will I be ranked in my 2L year?

Boston College Law School does not rank its students. After each semester, an approximate grade distribution is issued and transfer students will find their BC Law grade point average included. Grades from the original law school are never factored into the BC Law grade average. 

Does my LSAT score matter when applying to transfer?

The most important aspect of a transfer application is one’s academic performance in the first year of law school. However, all information sent in support of the application is reviewed.

How many transfer applications do you receive? How many applications do you accept? How many transfer students enroll?

These numbers vary, but last year we received 90 transfer applications; we accepted 47 applications and 17 transfer students enrolled.

Does BC Law accept transfer students that are enrolled as part-time students at their previous schools?

Yes, however, BC Law will accept no more than 33 transfer credits from another ABA approved law school. 

What if my law school is unable to submit my materials by the August 1 deadline?

Applicants should submit their application materials by August 1st. We will accept documents from your law school after the August 1 deadline. We cannot, however, review your application until it is complete. 

Is there anything that I can do during my first year to enhance my transfer application?

Your academic success, demonstrated by your law school transcript and letters of recommendation from law professor(s) matters most when transferring.

Does involvement in extracurricular activities as a 1L enhance my transfer chances?

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities can add to your demonstration of potential for law school, but never if your grades suffer because of these activities.

Are scholarships available for transfer students?

Unfortunately there are no scholarships available for transfers.

Are dual degree programs feasible for transfer students?

Under limited circumstances, transfer students can earn dual degrees from Boston College. Please contact the Academic Services department for more information.