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Pil Gun Byun - LL.M., 2008

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Carolina Duque

Deputy Director, International Legal Affairs Division, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Korea.  Ph.D. candidate, Korea National University, Seoul, Korea.  B.B.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.  Certificate, Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea, Seoul, Korea.

"The LL.M. at Boston College Law School provided me with an unparalleled life experience. All the faculty members and my diverse classmates went out of their way to care for our group of students from all over the world, and to lead discussions on law from different and fresh perspectives. Through interacting with the dedicated professors and my bright classmates, I was able to learn far more than I had ever expected."

Pil Gun Byun is responsible for international legal affairs for the Korean Ministry of Justice. His main responsibility is to advise and participate in Korean delegations negotiating free trade agreements, bilateral investment treaties, and investor-state dispute settlement agreements with other countries around the world. He also takes part in negotiations with other countries and various programs for the protection of Korean companies abroad. Before pursuing his LL.M. degree, he worked as the Presiding Prosecutor in the Pyungtaek Branch of the Suwon District Public Prosecutor’s office, a prosecutor in the Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s office, and an officer in the Judge Advocate corps of the Korean Navy.

Mr. Byun’s studies at Boston College concentrated on criminal and procedural law, including a comparative study of the law of warrantless searches and seizures. This set the stage for his Ph.D. studies in criminal procedure, focusing on constitutional law, at the Korea National University. He plans to continue his career at the Ministry of Justice, and ultimately hopes to teach in Seoul National University or Korea’s Judicial Research and Training Institute.