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Dariia Valiavska - LL.M., 2012

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Photo of Dariia Valiavska

Ph.D. candidate, Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Specialist and LL.M. degrees (Intellectual Property and International Law), Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Registered Trademark and Patent Attorney in Ukraine.

“This year was the most interesting and challenging year in my life, both professionally and personally. I really liked BC Law’s teaching methodology and principles of study: easy access to highly qualified professors, perfect library and technogical resources and, most importantly, an atmosphere in which everybody is ready to help you and share his own experience. The program gave me a different perspective on how the American legal system works, as well as a deeper understanding of American culture, mentality and people. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge that I will be happy to introduce in my home country.

“Finally, although our LL.M. group was not very big, we spent a lot of amazing time together sharing our own cultures and exploring American hospitality. Thank you BC Law for this wonderful year!”

Dariia Valiavska is an overachiever by any standard. The holder of both Specialist and LL.M. degrees from Kyiv International University, she has eight years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer. Immediately before coming to the U.S., she was practicing at Sayenko Kharenko, a leading Ukrainian firm; she also spent several years at Baker & McKenzie (Kyiv) and in her own firm. Dariia has also spoken at international conferences, published several papers, and worked on intellectual property law reform projects. Finally, she is pursuing a doctorate at Kyiv International, writing on the disposal of rights to non-traditional intellectual property objects.

Dariia took an eclectic approach to her studies at BC Law, taking courses in not only intellectual property (trademarks and unfair competition, patents, copyright, and intellectual property research techniques), but also business negotiation strategies, international and European Union law, and international organizations. Currently interning for a small Boston law firm, she plans to return home to work on the development and commercialization of non-traditional intellectual property objects, continue her law reform work, and finish her doctoral dissertation. Dariia’s LL.M. studies were supported in part by a Muskie Fellowship for U.S. LL.M. study.