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New Student FAQs

What is my Eagle-One card and how do I obtain it?
The Eagle-One Card is a multipurpose identification and debit account card that is the official ID card of Boston College. It will be accepted and function at most University-run facilities throughout your stay at Boston College. Students must keep this card available at all times in order to obtain access to residence halls, computer labs, libraries, and the Flynn Recreation Complex.

All University students, staff and faculty (and their spouses, if desired) are issued Eagle-One Cards through the Office of Student Services. Proof of identification such as a driver's license or passport must be presented in order to be issued an Eagle-One Card.

The initial fee for an Eagle-One Card is $30 and will be automatically billed to your student account.

Do I have to purchase the Boston College student medical insurance coverage?
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that all students attending colleges and universities in the state be required to have medical insurance coverage. Students not covered through their own personal policy must be included in the plan offered by their college or university.

See medical insurance rates, waivers, and more information from Boston College Student Services.

When do I register for classes?
Fall registration for new students opens in early June (see the BC Social Work Academic Calendar for exact dates). You are encouraged to register early since all sections have a maximum of 20 students per class, and some sections close quickly. There are sufficient sections to accommodate demand.

What courses do I register for?
The curriculum plans are available in the New MSW Students Course Planning & Registration Guide (PDF updated 2/27/18) and on the Current Students gateway page. Also see the course descriptions and schedules.

Do I need to register for Field Education?
All students in the Two-Year program must register for SCWK 9921 50 for the fall semester.

How do I register?
You can register online. Registration directions are available in the New MSW Students Course Planning & Registration Guide (PDF updated 2/27/18) and U-View information pages.

In looking over the schedule of courses I noticed that there are only 10 minutes between classes. If I take two classes back to back, is that enough time to get from one class to another?
If taking two classes in a row is the best schedule for you, you will not encounter any difficulties. If the classes are not in the same building, it is only a very short walk between buildings.

How often do classes meet?
All classes are held once a week for two hours. Worcester classes meet on Tuesdays, and classes held at the Chestnut Hill campus meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

How do I know I’ve registered successfully?
Go to the Agora Portal and view Course History.

If I encounter a problem with registration, whom do I contact?
Teresa Schirmer, Associate Dean of Student Experience, or Liz Cinquino, Director of Student Services and Advising, can assist you.

Will I be assigned an Advisor?
Yes, all students are assigned an Advisor. You will be notified of your Advisor's name and contact information before classes begin.

In addition, you can seek academic advice from staff in the BC Social Work Advising Center.

When can I expect to hear about my field placement?
The first step in the field placement process is completion of the Field Education Application. Once your application is received, it is assigned to a Field Education Specialist who will contact you and review your background and potential placement opportunities. You should expect to hear from one of the Field Education Specialists within two weeks of submitting your application. If you haven't been contacted within two weeks, contact Jilliam Pellegrini and she will forward your message to the appropriate Field Education Specialist.

Will I have the opportunity to visit the field placement prior to the start of the semester?
All students are advised to have a face-to-face interview with their field supervisor prior to the confirmation of the field placement. Students who live at a distance or out of the country usually have a phone or email interview.

Which days of the week do I go to my field placement?
Field placements for first year students generally are Mondays and Tuesdays during normal agency business hours.

When will I learn more about what’s expected of me in field placement?
See the Field Education section for more information about Field Education Orientation and your placement.

When should I purchase my textbooks?
A listing of fall semester required texts is available in Canvas, an e-learning system that complements classroom instruction. Canvas needs no special tools or installation other than your normal internet browser. All required textbooks can be purchased through the Boston College Bookstore. Some textbooks are available for rental.

What is the tuition rate and can I expect to receive financial aid from the School of Social Work?
See tuition rates and fees from Boston College Student Services. BC Social Work provides many students with tuition remission in the form of scholarships.

In order to receive consideration by either the University and/or the School of Social Work, applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Boston College Graduate Financial Aid Application with the University's Student Services Financial Aid Office. Students eligible for merit scholarships will be notified directly by the School of Social Work. No additional application is required.

Can I pay my tuition bill by credit card?
Boston College does not accept credit cards for payment of tuition and fees. The University does offer a web-based option which allows you to make payments directly from your checking account. Please have a copy of your check available to obtain the necessary routing numbers for completing the transaction. There is no fee for the service unless your request is denied. In that case, normal return check fines apply. You may access this secure service 24 hours a day at Agora Portal.

If I am accepted as a student in the Three-Year Program and begin classes in September, can I switch to the Two-Year Program after a semester or more?
No. Once you are accepted and begin classes as a student in the Three-Year Program, you must follow that curriculum. A four-year option is available.

If I am accepted into the Two-Year Program and begin classes in September, can I switch to the Three-Year Program after a semester or more?
Yes. You can modify your program of study by reducing your course load for future semesters. All fall course registrations must be finalized by the Drop/Add deadline (see the BC Social Work Academic Calendar for this year's deadline).

Where can I find information about off-campus housing?
The Boston College Office of Residential Life has an Off-Campus Housing Office.