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Boston College School of Social Work
BCSSW Students Reflect on ‘Why Social Work’ During 2nd Annual Yearend Workshop

2nd Annual Yearend Workshop

Remembering the Why is an annual workshop offered by Professors Tiziana Dearing and Margaret Lombe and the Macro Student Group that helps to ground 2nd-year MSW students in their motivations for becoming social workers. It’s a valuable exercise as they begin to reflect on their next steps after graduation, including finding that first job. Read more on the Blog »

HRSA Grantees Learn Behavioral Health Care while on the Job

The second HRSA cohort

BCSSW's HRSA award enters its second academic year, with a new cohort of 20 grantees who are receiving behavioral health training in primary care settings across Boston. Here, we introduce you to two of those students. Read more on the Blog »

Two students laughing

Student Life

The Boston College campus and the city of Boston seem as if they were designed with graduate study in mind. Boston teems with professional and cultural opportunities, while our campus offers plenty of resources to help you relax and recharge after a long day of studying.

The Boston College School of Social Work uses several social media websites such as Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to promote social and professional networking, and to highlight BC Social Work news and events. You can also check the University Calendar for upcoming academic and social events.

The Office of Graduate Student Life provides facilities, activities, and services specifically developed, implemented, and promoted for and by graduate students. The Flynn Recreational Complex offers students a myriad of opportunities to work out and have fun outside the classroom. Check the university's wide range of offices and services to get an idea of the resources and networks available to you.

The BC Social Work student council, known as the Student Collective, works with a variety of BCSSW student organizations to plan and sponsor student/faculty socials, colloquiums, films, graduation activities, and other special events.