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Boston College School of Social Work
'Happiness Study' Reaches Three Continents

Rocio Calvo

Professor Rocio Calvo and her work on the Resilience in Survivors of Katrina (RISK) Project have been highlighted by major publications in the United States, Chile, and Spain.  Read more on the Blog »

Effects of Work and Lifestyle on Women's Health

Erika Sabbath

Professor Erika Sabbath and colleagues investigate how various combinations of work, marriage, and child-rearing affected a woman's risk of death between the ages of 55 and 75.  Read more on the Blog »

Papers and books stacked on desk

Research Projects & Resources

The Boston College School of Social Work has received a number of sponsored research awards. Research projects enrich our academic programs and bridge theory and practice.

Various centers and networks bring together resources to allow the School to expand its research efforts.

BC Social Work Research Projects

Research Resources for BC Social Work Faculty, PhD Students, and Administrators