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Program/Operations Toolkit

Welcome to the Program/Operations Toolkit!

Participant-directed services are home and community-based services that help people of all ages across all types of disabilities maintain their independence and determine for themselves what mix of personal assistance supports and services work best for them.  Participant-directed services are sometimes referred to as consumer-directed, self-directed or Veteran-directed services. 

The Administration for Community Living (ACL)* believes that participant direction should be available to all individuals.  This requires all providers to understand and be able to implement participant-directed services.  Because of this, ACL funded the NRCPDS to create a Toolkit that provides the Aging and Disability Network with effective tools and resources to fully understand, implement, and manage participant-directed programs and systems.

These tools and resources will increase understanding of the concepts and principles of participant direction, identify critical program design elements, and highlight lessons learned from program experiences. They are presented in several different formats including: presentations, reports, webinars, webinettes, articles, off-site links, and videos.  

Each section of the Toolkit offers a brief description of the topic, and then provides the reader with a listing of resources to access more detailed information.  Since developing and operating a Financial Management Services program is complex with myriad moving parts, we have dedicated an entire section to this topic. 

The Toolkit will walk you step by step through the different elements of participant direction; just use the NEXT link at the bottom of each section to keep progressing.  If you'd like to skip around to different sections, use the menu at the bottom of the page in the tan box.  Now, let’s get started!

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*The Administration on Aging (AoA) was incorporated into a new operating division within the Department of Health and Human Services effective 4/16/12 and has a new name: Administration for Community Living (ACL).   This new operating division brings together AoA, the Office on Disability (OD) and the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) into a single agency charged with developing policies and improving supports for seniors and people with disabilities of all ages.