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Procure an FMS Provider

This section of the toolkit is designed to help you procure an FMS provider from start to finish.  As a helpful tool, please print and refer to the appropriate checklist to ensure that you have completed all necessary steps: Procure an F/EA Checklist; Procure an AwC Checklist.  If you need to refer back, you can find copies of both checklists in the FMS Resources section. 

Develop a pre-procurement plan

Each program will have unique needs based on its own goals and regulations.  In order to successfully procure an FMS provider, you must first decide exactly what role you need it to play.  In addition to contracting with the provider to perform its standard duties, you will likely need additional services.  Determining and delineating the roles and responsibilities of the provider in advance of the procurement process will support you in negotiating a fair price while ensuring that you contract for all of the services you need and not those you don’t.

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