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Ongoing Performance Review

To ensure the delivery of quality services you should periodically review your provider’s performance and/or require recertification after a given amount of time.  This will also provide assurance that the program meets the funder’s standards.  Your program should develop a review protocol that reflects FMS provider tasks, funder standards, and the provisions of the provider agreement or contract.  Some performance tenets include:

  • The FMS provider operates in accordance with the philosophy of participant direction
  • The FMS provider provides accurate and timely reports to participants, contracting entity, and other stakeholders
  • The FMS provider meets the contracting entity’s expectations for customer service
  • The FMS provider develops a cooperative working relationship with the counseling entity
  • The FMS provider complies with all state and federal tax and insurance requirements
    • If the FMS Provider uses the F/EA model, pay special attention to those related to serving as an agent of participant employers
  • The FMS provider pays workers and vendors accurately and timely
  • The FMS provider maintains the integrity and validity of its invoicing to the contracting entity

Your program will need an approach for assessing a provider’s performance against the performance tenets that are important to you.  Below are some suggested steps.

  • Determine the performance tenets that are important to you
  • Determine how you will monitor the performance for each tenet
  • Determine how you will measure that performance.  What is your standard?  What would constitute a provider not meeting your standard?
  • Collect information from the provider that allows you to assess their performance
    • Some of this information may be collected regularly, such as:
      • Reconciled bank statements
      • Proof of taxes being paid with the IRS and state tax agencies
      • Reports of complaints to the provider and resolutions
      • Reports of participant spending as compared to participant budgets
  • Some of this information may be examined less regularly, such as:
    • Ensuring each participant has an Employer Identification Number (F/EA only; not applicable for AwC)
    • Reviewing participant and employee records to ensure all requisite information is there
  • Determine your approach if the provider does not meet a performance standard. You might:
  • Ask the provider to develop a corrective action plan
  • Develop a corrective plan for the provider and ask them to implement it
  • Give the provider a timeframe by which the issue must be resolved
  • Terminate the provider’s contract or provider agreement (in a worst case scenario)

In developing your approach, you may find the Sample FMS Performance Standards helpful, as well as the F/EA Performance Monitoring Worksheet or the AwC Performance Monitoring Worksheet.

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