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Aging and Disability Network Participant Direction Toolkit


The Aging and Disability Network Participant Direction Toolkit is designed to be your one-stop location for information and resources needed to develop participant-directed programs. 

The Aging and Disability Network Toolkit has been created by the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services specifically for members of the Aging and Disability Network at the direction of the Administration for Community Living.  The Toolkit will assist Network providers to better understand, develop, and sustain participant-directed programs.  This information is applicable whether you are using funds from the Older Americans Act, the Veterans Health Administration, State funds or other sources. 

The Toolkit does not include specific information on Medicaid program rules or other specific programs. It does contain additional resources on each topic for further learning, including articles, forms, webinar recordings, state examples and charts.

The Aging Network Participant Direction Toolkit has two parts: One part is devoted to designing, managing and evaluating participant-directed programs; the second part is focused on Financial Management Services (FMS). 

Start by selecting a section of the toolkit:

Program Toolkit

FMS Toolkit