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FMS Membership


Financial management services (FMS) membership is open to fiscal entities serving participant-directed programs. As an FMS member, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Access to online member forums, issue briefs, and Participant Direction 101/201 webinars
  • Peer-to-peer learning opportunities
  • The chance to contribute to the development of FMS industry best practices
  • The opportunity to provide feedback to the IRS and other federal agencies

To receive more information about the FMS membership offering, please contact or 617-552-3513.

If you are a current member and would like to be added to the membership e-mail distribution list, please contact Sierra Horn at or 617-552-3513.

Directory of current FMS members:

You may also access the following resources:

Upcoming Events for FMS Membership

Participant Direction 201
Support Brokerage in PD Services
Friday, May 29, 2-3:30pm EST
Open to FMS & State Agency Members
Contracting support brokerage services to FMS providers is becoming more prevalent in participant direction programs. As such, this participant direction 201 training will focus on support brokerage in participant direction services. NRCPDS presenters will discuss CMS requirements for information and assistance, person-centeredness, instances when support brokerage is contracted to FMS providers and typical duties associated with this, monitoring efforts, and quality oversight. There will also be a panel discussion with state representatives from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services and New Jersey Division of Disability Services. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and panel members at the end of the training.
Click Here to Register

Federal Tax Issues Conference Call
Guest Speaker: Judith Davis, IRS
Thursday, June 11, 3-4pm EST
FMS Member Only
For this federal tax issues conference call, FMS members are invited to share their questions or unresolved federal tax challenges with Judith Davis, Sr. Program Analyst/Project Manager with the Internal Revenue Service and Mollie Murphy, the FMS Lead at the Center. Judith and Mollie will respond to questions and discuss issues with members.
Click Here to Register

Please contact Sierra Horn, or 617-552-3513, if you are experiencing any difficulties registering for events.


FMS Membership FAQ

Q1: Why is the NRCPDS qualified to convene a membership offering for Financial Management Services (FMS) providers?

Q2: What types of benefits will my organization receive through FMS Membership?

Q3: What is posted in the members-only area on the website and how can I gain access?

Q4: Who can become a member?

Q5: How can my agency apply for membership?

Q6: What is the value of being a member?

Q7: Why do you charge membership dues?

Q8: Do you offer any discounts on FMS membership dues?

Q9: Who should serve as the two representatives for our organization’s membership?

Q10: When does my membership begin?

Q11: I have more questions about membership, who can I contact?

1. Why is the NRCPDS qualified to convene a membership offering for Financial Management Services (FMS) providers?

The NRCPDS has more than a decade of experience making participant direction a reality across the nation. The Center builds on the lessons learned from the successful Cash & Counseling program, which has been implemented in 15 states.

At the Center, members of our staff are leading experts in the area of Financial Management Services and provide technical assistance in this area to participant-directed programs across the nation.  The NRCPDS has hosted the biennial FMS Conference since 2005, the only FMS industry conference of its kind.

In order to develop a membership track for FMS providers, the NRCPDS convened a steering committee comprised of six organizations representing the FMS industry to lend their expertise.  The steering committee developed a set of guiding principles for the FMS membership outlining the basic responsibilities of members and the NRCPDS.

2. What types of benefits will my organization receive through FMS Membership?

Benefits include access to issue briefs, webinars, and the opportunity to contribute to a FMS industry code of standards and provide feedback to key federal stakeholders including the IRS.  See the full benefits list.

3. What is posted in the members-only area on the website and how can I gain access?

In the members-only portion of our website, FMS members will gain access to resources available only to this select audience including issue briefs, FMS webinar recordings, news updates, and more. 

Member agency representatives will be given a username and password to access the member section upon approval of membership.  If you’re considering membership and would like a preview of the member area of the website, please contact us.

4. Who can become a member?

FMS members must meet specific criteria in order to join:

  1. The FMS provider has a current contract in good standing* with a participant-directed program
  2. The FMS provider serves at least one program with either employer authority, budget      authority or both
  3. The FMS provider has served at least one participant-directed program for at least two full years and one full tax year
  4. If the prospective member is a Fiscal/Employer Agent, they file and deposit Federal taxes in the aggregate on behalf of program participants using a separate Employer Identification Number specifically for Fiscal/Employer Agent filings and deposits
  5. If the FMS provider provides Agency with Choice services, the Agency with Choice meets all of the following 5 components of a participant-directed Agency with Choice:
  • The agency acts as the joint employer of workers referred by the participant
  • The participant retains the right to recruit, select, train, supervise, and dismiss his/her workers
  • The agency serves as the employer for tax filing and depositing purposes
  • The agency manages either each participant’s budget or each participant’s service authorization on an individual basis
  • An agency obtains professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation policies to cover workers where applicable

* “Good standing” will be determined based on a conversation with the contract administrator for a participant direction program provided by the applicant.  NRCPDS will inquire with the contract administrator about the applicants’ performance and, based on the information provided, determine if the FMS provider applicant is in good standing.

If you are a participant and direct your own services, you may join the National Participant Network.  If you represent a state-level agency, you are eligible for our program membership option. 

If you are still interested in membership and do not fit in one of these categories, please contact us.  We are interested to learn about your needs and determine how we can help.

5. How can my agency apply for membership?

In order to apply, please complete our application and submit via mail or e-mail to the following:

                                        Sierra Horn, Grant Proposal & Award Administrator
                                        NRCPDS, Boston College
                                        314 Hammond Street
                                        Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


Please contact us at for an accessible version of the application.

6. What is the value of being a member?

A:  As the convener of this membership, the NRCPDS will facilitate the group’s efforts to promote participant direction and provide educational opportunities and access to our Center’s wide array of resources. Membership will help you:

  • Stay on top of national and state policy and program developments for participant direction and provide feedback to key stakeholders
  • Get practical assistance and educational support in the FMS field
  • Connect with peers in the FMS industry

7. Why do you charge membership dues?

We recognize that businesses are currently operating during difficult budget times and therefore we strive to maintain our dues at a low cost.  Membership dues serve to cover the cost of providing member benefits.  Dues rates are determined based on the number of participants your organization serves, please see our application for specific rates. 

We also provide many free resources on our website including access to the larger NRCPDS library, videos on participant direction, and an online program map that depicts the availability of participant direction across the country

8. Do you offer any discounts on FMS membership dues?

For FMS providers who currently subscribe to FMS Turbo, a subscription service offered by Annkissam, the NRCPDS will provide a $100 discount for member dues.

Not already an FMS Turbo subscriber?  Contact us to learn more about how to qualify for a discount.

9. Who should serve as the two representatives for our organization’s membership?

Staff members at any level may serve as an organization representative for the FMS membership.  We recommend that member organizations select at least one leadership level staff person to serve as a representative.

Organization representatives will serve as the primary contact with the NRCPDS and gain access to our member-only area of the website.

10. When does my membership begin?

Membership and access to benefits begins immediately upon approval of your organization’s application.  Please allow two weeks for the review of member applications, or longer as needed to contact your program reference.  Annual dues payment must be received within 90 days of membership approval. 

11. I have more questions about membership, who can I contact?

Please contact our Sierra Horn with your questions 617-552-3513 or


National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services
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