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Research & Public Policy

The NRCPDS is committed to facilitating the growth of participant direction throughout the country. As such, we conduct research and inform public policy to promote the improvement and expansion of quality participant-directed programs.

The following is a look at our key priorities in research and public policy.

Research Priorities

Our research focuses on promising practices and the impact of participant-directed programs. We are working on a number of projects, articles, presentations and issue briefs, including: 

Project: National Inventory of Participant-Directed Programs
Determine the number of participant-directed programs nationwide and create descriptions of program characteristics/features to define a continuum of "participant directedness."

Issue Brief: "How Did Cash & Counseling Participants Spend Their Budgets, and Why Does That Matter for the CLASS Act?"
Educate Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act designers and implementers about how Cash & Counseling findings on the uses of an individual budget can assist in their work.
SCAN Foundation

Project: Membership Information Partnership Project
Develop a database for existing performance data; identify states' capacity for future data collection; gauge future state data-sharing needs; share information to inform other Center activities.  

Project: Better Training, Better Care: Identifying Training Needs of Caregivers and Older Participants with Dementia in a Participant-Directed Personal Care Program
This ethnographic study is designed to understand the training needs of caregiving teams serving participants with dementia in a participant-directed program. It will result in five case studies that are intended to inform a larger project.
University of Maryland seed grant

Public Policy Priorities

We have created comprehensive strategies to ensure public policy is shaped by lessons learned and a well-established stakeholder-involvement process. Our public policy roadmap currently includes these key priorities:

  • Affordable Care Act (CLASS, Community First Choice Option (CFC), Section 2402a- Removing Barriers to HCBS and Medicaid 1915 waiver revisions)
  • Guiding principles for if/when unionization efforts are underway for participant direction workers
  • "Agency with Choice" model of service
  • The budget crisis facing many programs

Our Public Policy Advisory Committee is an external group that helps the NRCPDS involve stakeholders in the timely identification of critical public policy topics. This capability will enhance the Center's ability to inform public policy — whether it requires a quick response or a more time-intensive, long-term strategy.

The committee includes Bill Ditto (New Jersey), Marietta Bobba and Dan Murphy (Washington), Debby Ellis (Arkansas) and Scott Goyette (National Participant Network). If you are interested in working with the committee, please email us.

National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services
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