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Michigan's Innovation Grant

Project Title: Peers to Advance Self-Determination
Organization/State Lead(s): Michigan Department of Community Health/Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration, The Arc Michigan, Michigan Partners for Freedom
Contact Person: Ellen Sugrue Hyman

Project Goals:

  • Train and coach peers to provide one on one support to individuals interested in using arrangements that support self-determination
  • Peers are paid to provide support within the Michigan public mental health system

Project Description:

This project sought to train and support self-directed peers (both individuals with developmental disabilities and individuals with serious mental illness) to provide peer support to individuals with arrangements that support self-determination. Specific supports will include:     

  • Developing and implementing an individual plan of plan of service and individual budget (through the person-centered planning process)     
  • Executing a Self-Determination Agreement     
  • Selecting and managing providers     
  • Problem-solving throughout the process

Self-directed peers will be individuals who have a unique background and skill level from their experience in utilizing services and supports to achieve their personal goals of community membership, independence and productivity.Project activities will be held in both local areas and at the state level. The local areas involved are Kalamazoo, Oakland, Alpena, Genesee and Kent Counties.

Summary of Accomplishments:

The Michigan Peers to Advance Self-Determination was developed with an Innovation Grant from the NRCPDS with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to launch a robust training offering to prepare peer support specialists.  During the grant period this project was able to develop 4-day long trainings titled; “Who Can Help”, “Person-Centered Planning”, “Individual Budgeting", and "Agreements and Provider Qualifications.”  As of the end of the grant period, this project had a positive impact and continues to be supported by local mental health agencies.

Resources Developed:

  • Michigan Peers to Advance Self-Determination Final Report
  • Individual Budgeting Presentation
  • Person-Centered Planning Presentation
  • Who Can Help Presentation
  • Employer Agreements Presentation

Follow this link to download the resources