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Georgia's Innovation Grant

Project Title: Expanding Consumer-Directed Services through a Continuum of Peer-to-Peer Supports
Organization/State Lead: Northwest GA Area Agency on Aging
Contact Person: Karen Nelson

Project Goals:

  • To increase the number of individuals accessing participant-directed services and increase retention rate of participants in participant-directed program
  • To increase the number of peer supporters, including younger veterans
  • To measure the effectiveness of peer-to-peer support in participant-directed services customer satisfaction surveys

Project Description:

By expanding the peer support network used by disAbility Link NW to mentor potentially eligible individuals who may express hesitation to take on the challenges of participant-directed services, this Innovations Grant from the NRCPDS funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sought to expand the number of individuals utilizing consumer-directed services. Applicants who express  concerns about participant direction are referred to disAbility Link NW for an initial consultation. If the applicant’s fears are ameliorated and the applicant chooses to enroll in participant-directed services, the applicant will be provided up to 40 additional hours of peer support to help him/her get acclimated into participant-directed services. We believe that providing the additional peer support and mentoring will expand the number of individuals enrolling in the program and increase the retention rate of individuals already enrolled in the program. NWRGC AAA and disAbility Link will provide program reports on utilization of peer support/mentoring, enrollment and retention rates, along with an implementation manual for other regions/states wanting to replicate the model.

Summary of Accomplishments:

The Expanding Consumer Directed Services through a Continuum of Peer-to-Peer Supports Innovations Grant was provided by the NRCPDS with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to expand participant direction utilizing peer supports to train and mentor participants.  During the grant period this project was able to develop peer support training, satisfaction surveys, and a cross-referral form.

Resources Developed:

  • CILs FAQ Handout
  • CLP New and Updates
  • CLP Peer Support Satisfaction Survey
  • Flyers for Informational Meetings
  • Helpful Tips for Completing CLP Paperwork
  • Peer Support Survey Letter
  • Peer Support Handbook
  • Peer Support Referral

Follow this link to download the resources