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Consumer Direction Module

The Consumer Direction Module (CDM) is a Web-based management information system designed specifically for participant-directed long-term care programs.

This powerful tool enables program administrators, partner agencies and vendors, and participants and their support network to keep up-to-date information in one place and access it 24/7. Its information-sharing, planning and reporting capabilities improve quality while also producing cost savings and system-wide efficiencies.

The CDM is open source software. We give you the source code and documentation for free — and you can make any modifications you like. As a result, you get the freedom and ownership rights of a custom system along with the rich functionality and shortened implementation timeline of a purchased out-of-the-box system.

Please note: We do not provide hosting or user support, so it is important that you or a partner agency or vendor can fulfill these functions.

CDM Resources

We invite you to check out the following resources for more information.