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Scott Easton Receives Grant to Aid Study of Long-Term Impact of Sexual Abuse

Scott Easton
Scott Easton
(Photo by Caitlin

NOVEMBER 5, 2014

A National Institutes of Health grant will support research by School of Social Work Assistant Professor Scott Easton on middle-aged and older men who are coping with the effects of sexual abuse they endured in childhood.

The one-year $156,500 R03 Small Research Grant from the NIH National Institute on Aging will illuminate the experiences of a population that, amidst the growing awareness of child sexual abuse, has been generally overlooked, said Easton.

"Statistics have shown about 15 percent of adult men report a history of child sexual abuse," said Easton, who in 2010 conducted one of the largest studies to date on this population. "These men – stigmatized, vulnerable and largely hidden – are at risk for depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, substance abuse and other psychiatric illnesses.

"Yet we know little about them and how they have dealt with the trauma they suffered as children. Why have some men demonstrated resilience while others have had great difficulty? And based on the experiences of those who have coped well, can we design evidence-informed interventions and treatments for those in the vulnerable group?"   More from the BC Chronicle »

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