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Erika Sabbath Earns Major CDC Grant

Assistant Professor Erika Sabbath
Assistant Professor Erika Sabbath

SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

Assistant Professor Erika Sabbath, who recently joined Boston College School of Social Work, has been awarded a major grant for research into the economic and health effects of psychosocial workplace exposures.

According to a report in the Boston College Chronicle, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant is part of a program designed to support early-career scholars. Sabbath is the first BC Social Work professor to receive such a grant.

"The purpose of the research is to give the employer evidence of how work stress can affect their bottom line," Sabbath told the Chronicle. "For example, if you show the effect of bullying in the workplace costs the hospital 'X' amount of dollars due to lost productivity and health issues, the employer may be more motivated to address those stressors, which would benefit not only the employer, but also the worker’s health and wellbeing – a win-win."  More from the blog Innovate@BCSocialWork »