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NRCPDS Awarded $2.25 Million from U.S. Administration on Aging

JULY 26, 2011

GSSW Professor Kevin Mahoney and his team at the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS) secured a multi-million dollar grant from the U.S. Administration on Aging, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The three-year grant of $2.25 million provides the resources to "develop workforce competencies to ensure home and community based services are based on preferences and needs of consumer."

"This grant is an investment that will help strengthen our commitment toward providing home- and community-based services to individuals with disabilities and seniors that are based on both the needs and the preferences of the consumer," said HHS Assistant Secretary Kathy Greenlee. "It is only fitting that we announce on the 21st Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act our continued efforts to empower individuals and enhance the delivery of home- and community-based services."

"We at the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services look forward to continuing our work with the aging network to develop the staff competencies and the training approach so that program participants can shape the supports and services that best fit their unique needs," said Center Director Mahoney.

The grant program, Accelerating Participant Direction Philosophy and Models in the Aging Network, is a three-year project. The project goal is to identify essential skills necessary in job occupations that provide assistance to individuals in finding and obtaining home and community based services so they can remain in their homes and communities. These skills should enhance the ability of providers to ensure choice and control are in the hands of the consumer.

The grantee, NRCPDS, is a noted expert on consumer direction and has extensive experience including as the former Cash and Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation National Program Office. This new grant will allow the Administration on Aging and NRCPDS to continue working together to increase consumer-directed options in the Network. Products over the next three years include workforce competencies by job category, assessment tools, and an extensive resource training guide.