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New GSSW Faculty Appointment

Rocio Calvo Vilches
Rocio Calvo Vilches

FEBRUARY 7, 2011

The Boston College Graduate School of Social Work is pleased to announce that Rocio Calvo Vilches will join the GSSW as an Assistant Professor this fall. Rocio is currently in her second year as a David E. Bell Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard's Center for Population and Development Studies, where she has been focusing on immigration, social policy, social inclusion, and quantitative and comparative methods. She earned a Joint European Master's in International Humanitarian Action at Deusto University and a PhD in Social Work at Boston College. Rocio's dissertation was a cross-examination of the welfare state as an agent of immigrant incorporation.

Upon joining Boston College, Rocio will pilot a study on how welfare expenditure and welfare scope shape social capital outcomes among immigrants and their descendants in local communities.