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Boston College School of Social Work



Judith Holm Award Given to Recent GSSW Graduate

MAY 27, 2011

Annalee Sweet, GSSW Class of 2011, was one of two MSW graduates in the United States to win the Judith Holm Award. Named for Judith Holm, MSS, BCD, the first President of the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, these $2000 cash prizes are awarded to student authors of papers that best demonstrate mastery of the essentials of clinical social work and readiness to enter professional practice. Sweet submitted a paper titled, "Assessment and Interventions for an Adolescent Female Client with Major Depressive Disorder."

Sweet told the Boston College Chronicle, "I felt very honored at being selected. I was glad to represent Boston College. It felt like a real validation, not only of my writing, but what I’m doing as a therapist."

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