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Dispatches From the Field

Dispatches from the Field: Ryan Mossman, Second-year MSW Student

Dispatches from the Field is a recurring feature at Innovate@BCSW designed to showcase the school’s commitment to fostering, through field education, fruitful relationships with organizations, both in Boston and around the world, that are providing critical services to those living at the margins of society.

BCSSW Faculty Leaves Significant Imprint on Social Work Grand Challenges Book

BCSSW Faculty Leaves Significant Imprint on Social Work Grand Challenges Book

This month, Oxford University Press released Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society, a scholarly review of the national initiative from the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW). The book is co-edited by Boston College School of Social Work Louise McMahon Ahearn Endowed Professor James Lubben and features the perspectives and research findings of eight BCSSW faculty and staff members.

Thanh Tran published his paper “ Social factors of depression among Cuban and Indochinese American adolescents ” in the International Journal of Culture and Mental Health . Tran’s research shows that discrimination, poor family economic situation, sex, and age were risk factors of depression for these immigrants to the United States.

Jim Lubben had two papers published this month. The first, in Public Policy & Aging Report , provides an overview of the research showing that social isolation can be a potent killer. The second, published in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology , is a validation of a Spanish translation of Lubben's Social Network Scale, a tool used to measure social ties in Mexican and Mexican-American older adults. 

Margaret Lombe has been invited to be a member of “The Global Network on the Right to Food, Peace, and Democracy.” This initiative is organized by the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) and the University of Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy. 

Praveen Kumar and colleagues from Harvard and Washington University published “ Adoption and sustained use of cleaner cooking fuels in rural India: a case control study protocol to understand household, network, and organizational drivers ” in the Archives of Public Health. This protocol sets the stage for a study that will explore the impact of affordability, accessibility, and awareness on adoption and sustained use of liquefied petroleum gas among rural poor communities of India. Kumar is also profiled in a new blog post,here .

Summer Hawkins was invited to write a commentary for the American Journal of Public Health. Boston College Economics Professor Kit Baum and BC Law Visiting Professor Alice Noble were co-authors on the commentary, “ Policy evaluation with incomplete data: Assessing the ACA breastfeeding provision, ” which lamented the lack of existing data in evaluating changes in breastfeeding practices in response to the Affordable Care and was published online on January 10. 

Westy Egmont facilitated a conversation on translational research at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 12. The open session was designed to foster awareness, stimulate partnerships, and help set a research agenda for participating organizations and universities.  

Tiziana Dearing moderated a panel on “The Current State of Greater Boston's Social Service Ecosystem” at Greater Boston's Social Innovations, Enterprises, and Public/Private Partnerships, a conference hosted by the Social Innovations Journal , on December 5. 

Tom Crea published “ Democratizing education at the margins: Faculty and practitioner perspectives on delivering online tertiary education for refugees ” in the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. Crea and co-author Neil Sparnon reviewed an online pilot program that provides tertiary education to refugees in Africa and the Middle East, using both traditional and virtual instruction.