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Boston College School of Social Work
Jessica Black, Assistant Professor at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
Expanding Our Understanding

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Real Careers Have Curves

If you read between the lines of Bryan Harter's resume, you could say he's been preparing to be a social worker his entire life.  more »


'There's Inspiration Everywhere'

Jack Connors, business executive and social entrepreneur
Jack Connors, business executive and social entrepreneur: "There's inspiration everywhere. The best way to teach social entrepreneurship is to help people see, to give them an example of what's possible."

Jack Connors, founding partner of Boston advertising firm Hill Holliday, philantrophist, and entrepreneur, speaks about social entrepreneurship:

To be effective, a social entrepreneur needs to ask, what is the scope of my work, how big a world do I want to play in, and what is the nature of the social justice I am going to address?

Social entrepreneurship is an effective approach for addressing social inequalities because there's nothing more powerful than an idea. Entrepreneurs can answer the question, how am I ever going to do this? We live in a period where we're reminded almost daily that everything is possible. But the mountain always looks a lot higher when you're at the base of it. If someone says, I know a trail that might be a little easier than going straight up, it's helpful to people. Nothing is overwhelming if you just take it a step at a time.

When I was a young man, I wanted to change the entire world. Now, as an older man, I'm just happy if I can make a couple of improvements in my community. And so, I think scope is important. If everyone were able to bring peace to one person's life, then the world would be at peace. So, you don’t need volume. You need quality.

The true artists, the truly creative people, are the ones who simplify things.

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