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Boston College School of Social Work


Jessica Black, Assistant Professor at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
Expanding Our Understanding

Assistant Professor Jessica Black sees neuroscience as a critical component to the core of any social work training.  more »

Jack Connors, business executive and social entrepreneur
'There's Inspiration Everywhere'

Jack Connors, business executive and social entrepreneur, believes that there's inspiration everywhere. The best way to teach social entrepreneurship is to help people see, to give them an example of what's possible.  more »

Real Careers Have Curves

If you read between the lines of Bryan Harter's resume, you could say he's been preparing to be a social worker his entire life.  more »

A Therapeutic Approach

Through an intense fellowship at Harvard University Health Services, a School of Social Work alumna experiences the role of social workers as therapists.  more »

Dedicated to Change and Justice

School of Social Work alumna Jennifer Tilghman-Havens answers a spiritual call for social justice with the practical action of a trained professional.  more »