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Boston College School of Social Work
Ashley Hammonds, MSW '11
Taking Pride in Her Culture

As a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, Ashley Hammonds, MSW '11, takes pride in her culture and in helping to create awareness about the lives of modern day Native Americans.  more »

'It Keeps Calling Me Back'

Erin Mone is not your Average Jane. She is called to work with the most vulnerable. Even though she's in Boston, Mone's heart will always be in the field.  more »


'I'm a Dreamer'

James Lubben, Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair, PhD in Social Welfare Program Director,
Institute on Aging Director

James Lubben, Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair, talks about his love of flowers and how cultivation and nurturing translates to his relationships with his students. The challenge of teachers is to direct their student's energy and open doors to new possibilities.

Professor Lubben wears many hats. As the director of the University's Institute on Aging (IOA), Professor Lubben positions Boston College at the forefront of research and scholarship on the aging of society. He leads The Hartford Academic Center of Excellence in Geriatric Social Work, recently launched, which focuses on translating research into practice. As Director of the BCSSW Doctoral Program in Social Welfare he inspires and prepares our students from select Jesuit universities in Latin America to excel as researchers and teachers in leading academic and social welfare institutions at their partner universities.

In 2011, Professor Lubben was selected as Fellow of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.  more »