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Boston College School of Social Work
Center for Social Innovation
Andrea Cohen, MSW ’84, is dedicated to helping seniors age in place. As CEO of HouseWorks she has been a pioneer in private home care.
Andrea Cohen, MSW ’84, Co-Founder & CEO of HouseWorks, has been a pioneer in private home care. Her agency's work with the Social Innovation Lab spurred new solutions to pressing issues.

"We invited associates to participate on the Lab team, and their input made the results of our pilot project more relevant. Staff at all levels of the organization have been involved. We knew we didn't want it to be a top-down process. We collaboratively solved problems and created solutions."

—Andrea Cohen, co-founder and CEO of HouseWorks

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Social Enterprise
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Programs and Initiatives

Initiatives for Social Service Organizations/Agencies

Your organization can partner with the Center for Social Innovation at Boston College by participating in:

  • Social Enterprise Project - A faculty-facilitated experience designed to support the development and planning of a social enterprise. Graduate student teams work on business plans and ideas for resource development to support an organization’s proposed enterprise.
  • Social Innovation Lab - An action learning experience that helps organizations develop solutions to social issues, unleash their innovation potential, and strengthen leadership capacity.

Program for Students

Masters in Social Work: Social Innovation and Leadership Program - Students who want to obtain a Masters in Social Work degree and develop a set of competencies related to social innovation processes, projects, and perspectives can enroll in the Social Innovation + Leadership (SIL program). Our students have numerous opportunities to study social innovation and to apply knowledge to practice situations. Learn more.