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Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
Center for Social Innovation

A New Paradigm for Sustainable Social Change

The Center for Social Innovation is a premier resource for innovation training, support, and research. Social innovation encourages the development of new ideas and directions for solving social problems, both creatively and effectively. Our aim is nothing less than transformative social change.


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The Social Innovation Lab

The Center partners with nonprofit agencies on a local and international level to enhance their capacity for 'innovation from within.' As part of the Social Innovation Lab, nonprofits form teams of 8-10 agency stakeholders to redefine the way they understand and address social problems. By utilizing the Center's process for innovation, Lab teams are challenged to borrow and apply skills from business, design and engineering to reimagine the way services are provided to the community. Read more on the Social Innovation LabĀ»


Social Innovation + Leadership Program Hosts Leadership Lunches

Leadership Lunches are designed to expose SIL students, and other Boston College students interested in leadership, to the practical experiences of leaders in social-justice-oriented careers. Leaders will bring their strengths in administration, policy, and change management/transformation to the discussion. These Lunches typically begin with a few basic questions on leadership, followed by a student-initiated Q & A. Upcoming LunchesĀ»