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Boston College School of Social Work
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A Path Forward: Ayanna Pressley Ensures that a Diversity of Voices Are Heard in Boston 

Ayanna Pressley

As the first African American woman to serve in the 106-year history of the Boston City Council, Ayanna Pressley has broken down previously insurmountable walls along the road to success┬╗

From The Blog:

Ayanna Pressley

Global Perspectives

This semester, Innovate@BCSW is following the experiences of four BC Social Work students who have embarked on international field education placements in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Stay tuned during the spring for ongoing updates through student-crafted blog posts, video diaries, and photography.

Fionna Fallon   
Krystalbella Murnane-Victorelli 
Samantha Williams
Skylar Chew

View where all this year's global student have field placements ┬╗


For Graduating Students

Congratulations on your graduation!

Here are some resources and tips to help you before and after graduation with networking, finding a job, and preparing for the transition to your social work career.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Contact us by phone at 617-552-4035 or email Career Services for support writing resumes and cover letters.


Networking is about building relationships, not asking for a job. It's important to have already established a relationship or to at least have had a conversation before asking someone to speak on your behalf or refer you to someone.

Always thank the people you meet and the people who referred you to them. Respect the names and relationships that faculty, field advisors, and others share with you.

To see the list of alumni who attended the Career Networking Night in the fall, log in to Canvas and go to Social Work Central, then to the "Career Services" section.

Additional networking resources are available on Canvas and posted outside the BC Social Work Career Services Office in McGuinn 222.


Join over 1200 members of the LinkedIn Group for Boston College School of Social Work. You can network, learn about and share career opportunities, and join discussions with alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

To search by agency name, geographic location, etc., click on "Members" and use the Search box.

You can also join the over 25,000 members in the LinkedIn Group for Boston College Alumni.

Job Listings

Boston College School of Social Work students and alumni may access our Job Listings Database (login required) to view or post jobs. Email Career Services for the login username and password.

Job listings include both entry-level positions and jobs for seasoned social workers.

Alumni Association

The Boston College School of Social Work Alumni Association offers many ways for alumni to participate and stay involved with the school. Alumni can help support programs and services such as Career Services networking programs, Continuing Education workshops, Admissions and Recruitment information sessions, and more.

Contact if you would like more information about the Alumni Association and how you can participate.

Alumni Career Network

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Career Network to help current students and alumni with their career exploration or job search, please contact Cindy Snell, Director, BCSSW Career Services, at

If you will be staying in the local area, being an Alumni Career Network member could include being a panelist at an event or being available for informational interviews.

If you are moving to another area, you could be a valuable resource by being available for informational interviews with students and alumni relocating to that area.

Library Resources and Services

The Social Work Library offers many services to alumni, including borrowing privileges and research assistance. Learn more about these library services and how to apply for your alumni borrowing card.

BC Email After Graduation

The Boston College Alumni Online Community offers "Email for Life" forwarding so that you can have one "" email address that remains constant throughout your life. This email address is not an email that stores messages, but Boston College will forward email sent to your "" address to your personal email account. As long as you update Boston College with your current personal email address, you will continue to receive email through your Boston College forward-only email address.

Alumni Survey

Next spring, we will send you an Alumni Survey by email. The survey is easy to complete online and will help us gather important information about where our graduates go after graduation (whether that be a job, a fellowship, or graduate school) and how our program met its educational objectives.

This information helps our school improve the curriculum and programming, which helps future students with their career plans. It also helps demonstrate to prospective and current students and alumni the incredible contributions our graduates are making to the field of social work.

It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to complete this survey, so please keep your contact information up-to-date (see "Update Your Contact Information" below). Your name will be kept separate from the survey's aggregate information.

Update Your Contact Information

If you will be moving, update your contact information so that you will receive invitations, newsletters, and magazines from BC Social Work by mail or email. Submit the Update Your Contact Info Form from the Boston College Alumni Association, or send your name and the information you would like updated to Boston College Information Services at